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  • @diveshidnani GET THIS
    Tunics with a modern touch.

    We believe in doing the basic things differently. Here’s proof!

  • @thewanderbliss GET THIS
    It’s all in the chase!

    The best of Mr Button t-shirts.

    Your T-shirt will understand you.

    Jatin Jay donning a Mr Button limited edition slogan tee. What’s your take?

  • @akeypandey GET THIS
    A white shirt is not known to disappoint.

    Pair it with anything under the sun and you’re sorted.

  • @deveshvijaysharma GET THIS
    Slogan Tees that speak your mind?

    Oh yes please! Taking cues from Devesh right here.

  • @iamnaxk GET THIS
    Nax slaying a Mr Button Blazer in Koh Samui.

    There’s nothing better for a destination wedding. Nothing!

  • @mrbutton GET THIS
    These real men vouch for the Mr Button Guideshop.

    There’s nothing that our Stylists can’t do. Trust us.

  • @biscuit_acid GET THIS
    Abraham sure loves his Mr Button Trousers.

    Well when it’s beige, why wouldn’t he?

  • @thefebruaryboy GET THIS
    Virtues of a White Trouser.

    A white trouser will always be your best buddy. Shakti just proves it right!

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