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Into The Woods ft. Mr Button



The few things that come to my mind while talking about woods is the wilderness, uncertainty , menace and of course amongst all of this the survival of the finest. Inspired by such survival Mr Button created the collection, Survivors, that showcased the majestic persona of the exclusive wild-lings along with their shrinking numbers.


Into the woods 5

Into the woods 7


Even a glance at the well defined t-shirt by Mr Button is enough to portray the motif and each character has its story to tell. The structured fit makes the t-shirt look all the more attractive and is comfortable enough to carry from dusk to dawn. I chose a T-shirt illustrating the South China Tiger and as the number suggests it is only 20 of the Tigers that are left, however one can choose from the wide range available at Mr Button.


Into the woods 3


Not a long time ago, Mr Button launched its exclusive range of denims to cater all that you expect from the best one in your wardrobe. The fabric is so soothing that you might as well sleep in it (at least I did). Denims are all about the fit and thanks to Mr Button for taking their structured fit to another level and as always delivering a very fine and sharp fit. My pick of the ripped denims goes with the style quotient I like to revolve around, raw and edgy , what’s yours?


Into the woods 1

Into the woods 9


In Pictures and Written by:

Vaibhav (@Pehenawah)