Why Pokemon Go players have a blurry vision!

You might not wanna catch em all after all!



We might just be a tad bit late in catching up with this game, but heyyyy better late than never! So we at the Mr Button HQ have been going all out for Pokemon Go, after all you gotta catch em all! You wouldn’t disagree when we say that most of our time goes sitting in front of our laptops or sitting with our phones in a corner. We may play games like 8 ball pool or basketball on our smartphones but actually going out there is something we mostly give excuses for. But we have to admit, Pokemon Go has surely been innovative in combining the real and the virtual world. This game actually demands you to get up from your comfy bean bag and move! Imagine the power of this app that it could do what our parents haven’t been able to do for a long long time now. Jokes apart, the whole concept of combining our favourite cartoon characters with the help of technology and coming up with a game such as this is not only innovative but also a way of telling us that after all there are things that can’t be done by just sitting in one place!
We spoke to a lot of people who have been playing the game and we must say the things they pointed out are worth considering!


Your life may be at risk!


We get that Niantic, Inc. has been very innovative and thoughtful by coming up with a game such as this. But let’s face it, we are still hooked on to our smartphones, just not glued to one place instead roaming around on the streets looking for virtual Pokemons! We hear that there have been road accidents due to people playing the game while driving and trying to catch em all! Say whaaaa?! Doing that on Indian roads? You wouldn’t want to risk your life for a Dragonite, would you?


Makes you look lost!


Now answer this truthfully. Okay? What would you think of a person who walks down a street, takes a sudden turn and probably tries to look for something behind a lush green bush, then comes back and walks another few steps only to turn back and come to the same spot where he started from (all this while he has a ‘smartphone’ in front of him, making people think that he may not know how to use Google maps properly!). We wouldn’t want to look like that.


You think you’ll ever win?


This might be the ugly truth that you don’t want to hear, but you need not worry and kindly avoid taking this up as a challenge, because bro not winning would mean that you actually have a job! You know that there are enough people out there who have nothing to do which probably means that they catch Pokemons all the time! You know you’re better than that. You’d rather go catch a real Pokemon Trainer dude!


You might want to think about getting a life!


Smartphones have as it is made us their slaves, but now with this Pokemon craze, we see things getting worse! imagine going out for a date with your sweetheart and instead of ensuring that she feels special, you are busy catching them animated creatures! That ain’t gonna get you anything, if you know what we mean!


Nothing against Pokemon Go, it has surely made us take a trip down the memory lane, but it is important for us to not let it grow on us. The game combines the real and the virtual worlds, but would you want to let the virtual world take over is what you need to ask yourself.


Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON