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Who the hell is Mr. James Norton?

Maybe the next Bond. James Bond!

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A new name surfaced on the contender list for the next James Bond. The British spy has been one single biggest franchisee in the history of cinema and without an iota of doubt, the most sought after character by any actor. The relatively lesser known, Cambridge educated (first class honours) Mr James Norton is now the number one contender for playing the suave MI6 agent.

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With bookies announcing odds of 1/3 in his favour, other contenders like Idris Elba, new lover boy Tom Hiddleston and Aidan Turner are way behind.

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Who the hell is James Norton? The 30 year old Londoner has had roles in British TV shows like War and Peace, crime series Grantchester and couple of other tele shows. The low key life of the actor allows us no scoop on how he is the most wanted man on cinema screens. Nonetheless, he had his share of popularity when Glamour magazine put him on their cover and announced him to be the Man of the Year.

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Our research tells that he also knows a thing or two on how to kill a Dinner jacket, one of the sartorial benchmarks of any Bond. Time will only tell who plays the iconic spy but it’s worth admiring the most probable and probably the most Underrated man touted to play next bond. James Bond.

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 Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON