What to wear when you work at a casual workplace!

Strictly no formals allowed! 


Let me first ask you a question. It’s easy and it’s about the nature of your workplace! I assume that if you are young, reckless and creative (that’s a lethal combo though) you work at a much casual and creative workplace. You may be an entrepreneur running a startup or someone working at a start up which has taken a boom in recent times. You might be working with an online business or you might be a menswear buyer at a fashion house. You might be someone at a workplace where the official dress code is smart casuals and there is no strict formal dress policy.

Now let me ask you a second question. What do you wear to such offices? Jeans, t-shirt, your favourite chinos or jackets? The dress sharp, feel sharp menswear mandate is evenly applicable to such businesses. In fact, workwear gets even trickier when you don’t have to follow strict formal policy but sharp casuals is the norm of the day. You just can’t be wearing the same ripped jeans 5 days a week and announce yourself in your comic character t-shirt. Here is a list of 5 very new, very fresh style pieces from our new collection which will help you slay a day at your work without making you look like a rebellious teenager.

The Noble Mobster Neoprene Jacket


Bomber jackets were the most searched Menswear term on Google in 2016. I don’t think they are going to lose any of their might this year as well. This number is cut on a soft neoprene fabric to give it a more sporty twist. Wear it to your workplace with your dark denims and a basic t-shirt for some casual yet statement worthy time when you crunching java codes at work or when you sipping on Java Chip coffee later in the evening.

The Big Confidant Sweatshirt

WORKSW02 (1)

Sweatshirts are the quickest method of injecting some casual vibe to your overall rig. Part Preppy, part street style, this sweatshirt in soft grey melange is made for all situations at the office. Wear it with your daily oxford shirts and denim or for a safer bet, wear it with your twill chinos and white leather sneakers.

The Refreshing Lift Cotton TrousersWORKTRS12 (1)

Trousers are so important and should not be left to the monotony of few basic colours. Yes we know that basics form the building blocks but you live by the edge and will like to experiment. Let’s start with this fail-safe stripped slim fit trousers to bring back the groove at the workplace. Wear it with your basic t-shirts and a pea coat and you are ready to be discussed about in the ladies room and they all are talking about the maverick selection of your trousers. An office affair never hurts anyone. Just saying.

The New Insignia Jersey Blazer


A blazer is a must have at any workplace and something cool and casual like thisshould be made a part of your wardrobe. This one is cut on a sturdy yet soft jersey and fits perfectly on your body. Wear it with your daily shirts or mix it with a sleek turtle neck jumper for up class dandyism.

The Disruptive Thought Plaid Shirt


Plaid shirts are your wardrobe linchpin. The brushed cotton fabric of this shirt is for maximum comfort and shall get you going from the start of the day at boardroom till the end of your night at your favourite watering hole.

Final Word

Workplaces with casual vibes and an even casual dress code need certain attention. It’s time to put an expiry date on your old jeans and big Sneakers. Time is changing and we need to imbibe the importance of dressing smartly at workplaces with relaxed atmosphere. Creative geniuses have vouched for wearing relaxed and chilled out styles to workplace. This is the Rise of the (un) formal. Do you feel it?

Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON