What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear!

Let your style doctor prescribe you.


We men are bunch of confused souls. Oh yes we do have to battle the everyday conundrum of what to wear and how to wear. This ever impending problem has always plagued the gents across and leads to major “bad dressed day” occasions. The reason may be numerous like an early morning rush to get to work (after a heavy night at your fav watering hole), a sudden change in weather, an impulsive decision to wear something outrageous or not being familiar with the event or the occasion. There are moments when you open your wardrobe and stare blankly at all the options but can’t think of the look you want to go for. Chill and relax as your best friend at Mr Button is here to suggest you some fail safe options on days when you are completely stumped on what to wear and how to style it.


1) Go for Classics


You are totally clueless on what should be your day’s outfit and you are also running against the time ( these two situations are always connected! Huh). Don’t panic and rely on the wardrobe classics like a crisp white shirt, navy twill chinos or a dark pair of neat denims. Go for clean leather trainers or classic brogues and you are good to hit out. A navy jumper or a light weight beige blazer is a must have when there is a nip in the air.


2) For the office


One biggest problem for men around the world is what to wear to office. You need strong rig every day in order to score that pay rise and also to ask out that bombshell of a new joiner, the whole office is eyeing upon. Here is the help, keep it simple and powerful in a strong navy or charcoal suit with crisp white shirt or a pale pink shirt and nice toned down tie. Don’t forget a shiny pair of leather wingtips or oxfords. For your Friday< dressing go for a crisp white Oxford shirt worn over a neutral shades of chinos or your dark denims with boat shoes or a pair of Derby shoes.


3) One for the Weekend


So your best days of the week is upon you and it gives you an opportunity to break free from your daily work wear. It also leads to possible fails as nailing your downtime style should not be taken casually. Go for casual style but don’t go reckless with careless selection. Fail safe options when you are in doubt will be a classic crew neck t-shirt with your sweatshirt or a cool bomber jacket. Mix your style with white leather sneakers.


4) One for the Night


Getting ready for a night out can be tricky. You may already be down with couple few of drinks while you getting ready. Do not let the buzz make you a wrong decision. A fail safe option will be going all monochrome with a dark t-shirt in hues of blue or grey and with black denims or your dark slim cut chinos. Throw in a black Bomber jacket for some dark vibes. Keep un eye on the booze level and always call for the cab if the drinks and that black magic woman have already taken a toll on you.


Final word: The clouds of doubt can be blown away by winds of some easy classics. Don’t panic and never let an impulsive decision ruin your sartorial impact. This guide may help you get the best in short time. Act accordingly gentlemen.


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON