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What to wear for every party!

Go kill, yes you, you Party Monster!

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It’s that time of the year! You are being inundated with a pile of invites for all the different types of parties in the town. You think your black suit will work for almost all these events with a change in a shirt or them shoes? Dear friend, you are in for trouble. Parties are such a great opportunity to socialize (read make new acquaintances) and also to elevate your sartorial position in your social circle. So get ready for a long month of events and parties, shine up your shoes and prepare your liver for the best time of the year. We have got you covered with top looks and pieces to dominate any kind of party.

The every Weekend big night out! – A Biker Jacket to the rescue!

1) Biker Jacket


You have been waiting for this day throughout the week. You know you are all set for the night and the pre-drinking has already started at your place before you go out to cause havoc. A Biker Jacket is a fail-safe option for your night outs. Make your pick in various fabrics like Tweed, Suede, or Cotton and you are ready for the night. Finish the look with a crisp shirt or a no non-sense basic t-shirt with your denim or that sharp pair of trouser. May we suggest booking a cab keeping in consideration it’s a Saturday night and you are already tipsy after a couple of stiff drinks at home.

The Formal Black Tie Event- A Tuxedo Suit. Nuff said.

2) Tuxedo


A difficult yet easy situation to crack with some common sense and basics done right. Most men fret at the thought of dressing for such events and commit classic blunders. Let’s make a pact that we will never announce ourselves in Blazer sleeves that are too long or shirt sleeves that are too short. The blazer sleeve should end at the wrist bone and the shirt cuff should extend just an inch beyond. Your trousers should not have excess fabric and keep your attire all ironed and crisp. Moving forward, may we suggest a satin shawl lapel Tuxedo Blazer with single pleat trousers for the big event. This has been a classic and we don’t see this going out of scene any sooner. The elegance of this whole look is incomparable and the James Bond vibe you exude will keep you in “high” confidence (Bond girl not included).

A night at the Gentlemen’s Club- A Blazer will always come handy!

3) Blazer


No we are not talking about “that” Gentlemen’s club but the member’s only, exclusive entry clubs which have been a meeting point for the high and mighty since ages. The first thing to do is (assuming you got your self in the member’s list) to understand the dress code. You might bump into high-flying businessmen or powerful diplomats and therefore announcing yourself in ur ripped jeans and Stan Smiths is a cardinal sin. A dark coloured blazer with matching trousers is always a safe option. You may also switch to a contrast trouser with nicely polished shoes. It’s always advised to have nice accessories to top your outfit as there will be Creme de la creme of the society and you have just joined their league. Free flowing champagne ahead.

The House Party- A Tweed Blazer, Sir!

4) Tweed Blazer


House parties have a chilled out vibe where you may play around with your ensemble. We strongly recommend a tweed blazer considering you will be enjoying a bonfire night with a barbecue and some fine Whiskey. A lightweight Tweed blazer is classic and can be easily styled with your sweatshirts or turtle neck jumpers. The cold wave will feel pleasant and the dapper appearance can be a good conversation starter with that sweet cousin of the host who has been busy clicking selfies with everyone. We have recommended you a good blazer, now make your move.

Christmas Party

5) christmas


How we love this time of the month? It’s all about getting into the festive mood and savouring the Christmas food and the spiced drinks. We also have to get out to celebrate the vibes and keep ourselves warm. A blazer with a pop of red comes highly recommended from Agent Blaze. The colour scheme is so apt and fits perfectly with the classic shades of menswear. Our editors have complied a Party store to keep us going. Take a look and we highly recommend you to make your pick directly from the store.

New Year’s Eve!

6) New Year


So you are in the mood to celebrate the bygone year and welcome the new one. We know there’s going to be marathon hours of merry making and you should look put together. Well, a night like this requires a lot of comfort mixed with uber sense of style. We assume your VIP tables are already booked and there is a strict dress code to adhere to. You are also game for the after party which is going to last till 6:00 AM. Fret not, start with a soft sweatshirt or a cashmere Jumper and club it with a dark coloured blazer. You can opt for an oxford shirt or a basic t-Shirt. Once you move out of the club for the after party your jumper will make you appear top dollar. Don’t forget to slip yourself in a nice (read box fresh) leather sneaker or a pair of Oxfords. Did we forget to mention that it’s one last time you get to reminisce the year, so party hard.

Final Word:

Party season is the best season and we all eagerly look forward to it. A slick rig for these parties gives you enough confidence to slay the party style. Take good rest before the night starts and keep yourself hydrated. We have dedicated good man hours to compile a comprehensive list of styles in our party store and it’s worth your time to take a gander and make your selection for the best time of the year. Keep your style easy as you will start with a glass of champagne and may end up with a tumbler of home made (read heavily spiked) concoction at one of the house parties around 2:00 AM. Let there be light, happiness, a certain level of high and great style.

Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON