What men have always wanted to know about women

Part IV

What Men Have Always wanted to knowabout Women (3)

Did you think we forgot about the promise we made to you? Well no we did not! Here’s one question we get asked time and again and by far has been one of those FAQ’s which has managed to secure a position on the most searched (read: asked) list. We are sure that you would have thought about it at least once while texting your lady love (past, present or future are all included!).

Here’s a little guide for you to calm your thoughts and understand what She might be trying to tell you. Read on to know more.

Situation #4 Why do we always text first?

Did we not mention that this was one of those FAQ’s? We know you’ve been wanting to know all about it! To answer that, I’ll ask you a question, Why would you want to text her first? I’m assuming that’s simply because you want to initiate a conversation, which most of the times will be reciprocated with a reply and there you are having a nice sweet little chat! As long as you don’t feel like you’re the one hanging on to a conversation and she looks least interested in talking to you, it doesn’t matter who messages first. It is more important to keep the conversation going, if you ask us ladies!

However, for the men clan who feel that the lady should also message, here’s the thing, if she enjoys talking to you, chances are that there will be times when she will drop in a text first, those times maybe less, but a little insider tip here: look at the quality and not the quantity! 😉

BUT BUT BUT, if you’re always the first one messaging or trying to strike a conversation, it’s maybe because she’s not that into you bro and you might as well back off now than later.

Question answered? Countdown for the next starts now!


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Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Manager at MR BUTTON