What men have always wanted to know about women

Part III

What Men Have Always wanted to knowabout Women (2)

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year! May this year be a year full of great achievements for you, starting with you becoming a little wiser when it concerns the Ladies! New year demands new beginnings, however we are going to continue with the same series of what men want to know about the ladies!

This question here is something that men really need to understand since it totally reflects on their behaviour. The way you conduct yourself in front of the ladies will decide how they feel about you. Read on to know this week’s situation!

Situation #3 What accordingly to ladies is sexy: looks or confidence?

There are two kinds of ladies, one kind thinks that looks are everything and the other who put other things before looks. The ones who think that looking good can get you through everything are the ones who might be more into showing you off to the world than actually being with you and the other clan would make sure that you’re the one who comes before the world. This way or that, for us it would be confidence any day and no denying that looks would come with additional brownie points! There is nothing that can change the fact that a confident man who knows what he’s talking about is something that women would appreciate, however, it is advisable to not get carried away and start sounding like a chauvinist. By being confident we mean that on days when we are confused about what we want to eat, or what we want to do, you come up to us and solve that mystery for us!

Here’s hoping that this helped you men understand women at least a little better. Keep the questions coming! Let’s make 2017 the year of understanding ladies (yes it might take the entire year, or even more!).


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Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Manager at MR BUTTON