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Wedding Season Essentials

With these up your sleeves, there’s nothing that can stop you!


The wedding season is here and we are pretty sure that you have a few to attend, which would mean new outfits for each occasion. One for the wedding, one for the engagement and one for the cocktail! And if you have a handful of mates getting married, then picking up a different outfit for the various days can be a time consuming job. We would like to step in here and give you ways in which you can survive the most awaited season! And how would you feel if we told you that the same outfit can be worn in various ways without anyone knowing and it will have the same result every time you wear it? Yes you heard that right!

Here is what our Style Agents have to say about the various styles and how you may wear them in different ways and get appreciated for the way you look.


Band Collar Shirts


Band collar shirts for this wedding season in a colour palette that ranges from pastels to dark shades is a must. They will help you sail through all the weddings under the sun (or moon) rather effortlessly.

What Style Agent Blaze Says:

A band collar shirt always comes in handy. They can be paired in different ways without anyone noticing. Wear it with a Nehru Jacket for a morning commitment and under your perfect new Bandhgala for the night. Another way you could style them is to wear one under a tux, but don’t forget to add a contrasting cravat to complete the look!


Nehru Jackets/ Waistcoats


A Nehru Jacket can do wonders. There is a reason why it should be a part of your wardrobe this wedding season. You should also know that a waistcoat is something that has gained some serious attention in the recent times, and in case you’re wondering, there is no need to wear it with a three piece suit anymore! It is bold enough to be worn as a separate.

What Style Agent Hawk Says:

If your mate is getting married and you want to make the best move (you know he has those hot cousins coming from the US), you could opt for a long line white shirt with a pair of black linen trousers. Adding a black Nehru Jacket with a red satin pocket square and finishing the look with classic oxford in cherry tan is what will get you just the attention you need on that Sangeet. Another option could be wearing a crisp white shirt, tucked in, with your grey trousers and a patterned waistcoat.




No points for guessing that the perfect fit trousers are a must. If you have a pair in basic colours like black, grey and navy, you’re good to go. Having one in wine or even a patterned trouser is what will fetch you extra points!

What Style Agent Blaze Says:

It is recommended that you have a trouser in all the basic colours, however, the fit is what really matters in the end. You may own one in all the colours, but if they don’t fit you well, then you’re just going to end up looking like a mess, and that’s exactly what you don’t want to do!




A bow-tie is what will take you ahead this season. We are going big on these this time. It surely makes the perfect accessory to finish off any look. You could be adventurous and wear one with a waistcoat, or go the safe way and add one to the crisp tux you have treated yourself to.

What Style Agent Hawk Says:

Wearing a bow-tie lifts an outfit and takes it a notch higher. For the perfect evening look for a wedding, one can opt for a wine terry tuxedo and wear the perfect black satin bow -tie. There is no way anyone can ever go wrong with this combination!


Bandhgala Blazers


A Bandhgala is the classic piece of clothing that does nothing but make a person feel and look perfectly put together. The royal look it gives to the person wearing one is something we can vouch for.

What Style Agent Blaze Says:

The key to nail the perfect Bandhgala look would be to keep it really really simple. Minimalism is the key to acing the look. However, adding a contrasting pocket square is a great idea. Wearing one on the wedding or the reception will keep you on top of your style game. Get ready to do what you’re best at, grab the right attention!


Final Word.

You’ve heard it straight from the Style Agents themselves. These wedding essentials will come in handy when you are going shopping next. Make sure to keep these tips safe!


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Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON