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Cocktails usually have a reputation of being a girly drink but don’t be fooled by their pink umbrellas, exotic fruits and berries because these pretty ladies sure pack some punch to go with their pretty exteriors and today we are going to talk about some MANLY cocktails.


The Godfather

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This Drink is believed to have been created during the 70’s in the USA and has been a favoured drink of The GODFATHER, Marlon Barndo, himself and serves a kingly blend of Disaranno and Scotch whiskey. A drink that commands respect.


The Manhattan

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A Prohibition era drink out of New York that combines 2 oz of rye whiskey and ½ oz of vermouth with bitters and a maraschino cherry for a garnish.  Now, normally I’m not one for garnishes, but this drink being one of the manliest drinks on the list, can handle a cherry.  Give the cherry to your new lady friend, she deserves it.  This is one of the oldest cocktails known to man and stands the test of time for sure.


Jack and Coke

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Jack and Coke (also referred to as JD and Coke, Jack Coke, or a Lemmy) is a cocktail made with Jack Daniel’s whiskey and Coca-Cola. The recipe is a classic -one part liquor, three parts Coca Cola- and requires nothing more than the two ingredients, ice, and a tall glass to mix in. The perfect combination of a children’s drink and a adult drink.


Gin and Tonic

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A classic standard. Admittedly not the manliest drink on this list, but I wouldn’t call it feminine either.  Sort of a boring flavour for my tastes but many worthy men swear by it as a simple drink to get simply drunk. It’s crisp, clear, and packs a punch.



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There’s nothing sexier than a martini. Beloved by James Bond, the clean, spirit-forward cocktail has proven itself impervious to countless trends, from “shaken, not stirred” to appletinis. A traditional mix of gin or vodka, dry vermouth, and orange bitters is dressed with a choice of olives, onions, or a lemon twist as garnish. To turn the lights downlow, just take a sip. If it’s good enough for James Bond it’s good enough for us.


Words by Alongba Kechuchar,
Customer Experience Wizard and Stylist at MR BUTTON