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To Sir, With Love!

Gifting ideas for him.

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The countdown to V day has begun and by this time you should have had your home work done and gifts all ready for your sweetheart. But we understand that you might be a little too occupied with work commitments or any other things that might be keeping your creative (read: gifting) streak at bay, and you need not worry. We totally get you and here’s a quick fix for you. Here we have compiled a list of things you may consider gifting him this V Day and make him feel like a thousand bucks (he deserves a little love, you know plus chances are that he’s ready with something for you!).


Coffee Machine.


Who doesn’t love to wake up to a cup of freshly brewed coffee (and your pretty face of course!). If your guy is a coffee addict, you should totally consider getting him a coffee machine and trust us, you will get way too many brownie (coffee) points for the same! Every cup of a streaming coffee would remind him of you, kinda creepy too, eh?




This one here might end up being a gift for yourself more than him. You love the way he smells, don’t you? So give him and yourself a little treat! We would highly recommend Hugo Boss No 6, just like a Chanel No 5 is loved by all of us, this one here is a classic in case you are a little skeptical about his choice. The sophisticated yet strong masculine base notes make it a must have in his wardrobe, and no points for guessing who’ll love it more!


Apple Music Gift Card.

apple music

If your guy listens to a lot of music, and happens to use an iPod or an iPhone, this is one thing he will really appreciate. This comes in two options, a 3 months and a 12 months subscription plan. We would recommend you opting for the latter as that will keep you on his mind at all times till the next Valentine’s Day!


Gift Card.

gift card

By the grace of all those people who can’t decide what to gift or are thinking of things to give to people who are a little picky when it comes to shopping, here is the biggest invention of all times: a Gift Card. Most of the brands understand this and are kind enough to offer gift cards in various denominations to help us get something useful without thinking of what to get! If you know his all time favourite brand but aren’t sure about what he might like, get him a gift card! Easy peesy!


A Boys Night.

boys night

We know you love spending time with your darling, and we also know that every now and then you crave for a night with your favourite girls. It’s the same for him! How about planning a night for him with more than enough beers in the fridge (no amount of beers is enough) and ordering his favourite food and calling over his best buds? We can imagine him feeling lucky already!




If your guy is a blazer guy, chances are that he might be into ties as well. He may already have his collection of some of the fail safe colours, here you may consider getting him a couple of printed ones or maybe even a bow tie! A good tie will never disappoint him, you can take our word for that!


Personalised Gifts.

personalised tee

If your guy likes a little bit of personal touch to everything, then gifting him a t-shirt with one of his favourite quotes from a movie or even an appointment with us for a Personal Styling Session (read: custom made styles!) is a great idea! He will love the fact that you put in so much thought into making him feel special!


The Date.


If you have absolutely no time to do any of the above, this is your last and the safest bet! You can read a few date ideas we compiled for V Day here. However, considering that you’re running a little behind schedule, how about booking a table for two at one of the top notch places in the city and ordering a bottle of one of the best wines on the menu to ensure that you both have a great great night?

Here’s hoping that you’ve found the ideal gift for your darling to make him feel special this Valentine’s Day.


Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Manager at MR BUTTON