The three kinds of denim styles you need to own!

There is one for everyone!

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Is it safe to say that denim is Menswear’s biggest boon? Your denim style defines your personality and lets you play confident. It’s the most versatile piece of Menswear and is a perfect mix of comfort, style and utility. What shall we do without these humble yet powerful staple?

Here comes the problem!

The problem to decide which Denim style will suit you the best. With myriad washes, treatments, fits and options available, we can just get lost in the sea of this ultra necessary Menswear. Whether it should be a ripped one, or raw denim or a heavily washed one? We decipher for you, the best kind of denim style you need to own and sit back in, to relax or just go out and own the moment.


1)      A Dark washed Blue Denim

Mr Button Denim


This one from Mr Button is a must have denim style. The dark and neat wash is appropriate to be taken to your office, with a crisp white shirt and a Linen Blazer or a Jersey Blazer. The versatile wash lets you play it down by mixing it with your tees and jackets for some great off-duty punch. Wear it down with leather sneakers and you are all put together.


2)      A washed Denim

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Washed jeans are suitably made for weekends and casual affairs but with certain styling, they can add an extra edge. Pair these mild washed denims with a classic pair of oxfords or brogues and slip into a casual blazer for prince next door vibe. Wear them with your light summer jackets or bomber jackets for some quick casual makeover which shall help you prevail your outings with your pals and then pair them with your plaid shirts and take your girl for a night out. The opportunities are endless, make a quick decision.


3)      Distressed Denims


There has been a surge of distressed denims across all spectrum and all designer brands are portraying their versions of the same. Considered to be for the maverick souls, a distressed denim is actually a must have for everyone. This one here can be your starting game for hopping on this bandwagon. The slightly washed Denim comes with distressed rips on the knees and is enough to announce your FTW attitude. Go bonkers.


Final Word-

Denims have been a staple for long and should be played around with. Any modern gent should rely on these three kinds of denim styles and we ensure the best of all the world shall wait for him.


Words by Akshat Singh

The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON