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The Shift

We’ll get to what “the shift” is all about!? but before that let’s clear a few doubts.


What is corporate wear or business wear & how does one decide if they’re formal enough to be at the place of work?
Essentially clothing that employees wear to work, depending on the level of formality expected in different businesses and norms. It’s just that, a chef mustn’t cook in a sarong and a nurse wouldn’t march around the clinic in a bikini, obvious facts.

Formal wear as we call it today, is a terminology for dressing uniformly in social events like a wedding, seminar, assembly & farewells etc. It could be a dress code, for example according to western standards, one needs to suit up in a suit or  a formal dress suit and a white tie or a black bow. The list is literally never ending. Most of the nations which do not have a nationally recognised formal attire usually just stick to the British pioneered system. Well, kudos to the consistency!

For the past 10 years the global fashion scenario has taken a huge toss on “#Menswear” movement. A lot of menswear labels have gotten lost in the fad, just because of making the same repetitive patterns from readily available commercial fashion magazines. The internet being the fastest medium for a gap filler worked it’s magic. In this bubble of an internet savvy world, thoughts and insights on clothes are expressed and communicated equally fast.

Now, people want nimble clothing and fast fashion. The first fact about fashion is that it’s popular, exactly why we address it as “Oh! This in fashion these days”. It’s something that can be recognised through it’s mass following or acceptance. That’s how we represent it, that’s how the whole existence of fashion works.

Since our jobs don’t define who we are as people and the fact that there’s always more room to learn things and experiment. Clothing being one of the fun things in life and a treat of personal choice, one must be granted the freedom to choose what they are comfortable and happy being dressed in while they’re performing their duties during their jobs/work/business. Offices these days are getting loaded with spas & steam rooms, then the shift in this area must be the new thing soon enough.

Due to receding unemployment globally, designers and many companies are beginning to adapt street wear into high street wear and high end at the same time.  Men have begun to dress up fresh, fuelled with the desire of feeling more noticed and respected. Shoes in fact are the fastest growing product in the market followed by shorts and trousers. The business and acceptance of contemporary clothing is taking its grip onto the market and the customer prefers to choose a more creative style of dressing for half the price.

Since not a lot of Indian labels and brands are producing an affordable design centric prét collection for customers, I decided to ran sack the e-portals, for something that could fit into my understanding of business wear as it is. On a more personal note, I believe when I am at work, I need to be utterly comfortable and active, that helps me think and function accordingly.

Just last year Dolly Singh of spill the sass had made a blog post on a menswear collection from Mr. Button for which she had shot a few ensembles on me. I actually remembered them through the gifts that I had received from my friend much later after the shoot, as of course they were three times her size. These were some really funky brilliantly tailored pieces.

Mr. Button is a shape shifted image of menswear in India. They design globally commercial mens fashion. On their e-retail portal, their products range from t-shirts, shirts, formal suits, Indian band-galas, trousers, shorts and newly launched line of inner wear. They propagate a clothing style with their signature campaign of #FEELSHARP and a tagline of “A MAN DESERVES TO FEEL SHARP”.  They define their style as minimal, sharp and must check their website and order something right away. They’re brilliantly priced and the designs are simple and clean. Perfect for a sharp man and woman who can find their fit.





In Pictures and Written By Anurag of  original  curation