The Young Wolfs versus The Alpha.

Will it be Portugal or will it be France? We’ll know in a few hours!


Portugal and France playing against each other is no news. In fact, as far as we can recall, in the last few matches that they played against each other, France has come out as a champion. So it is only fair to expect history to repeat itself. However we have full hopes that Portugal is going to change history this time!

Both the team started out on a not-so-strong note, but with every match they got better and better with France playing beautifully as they proceeded in the tournament.

No matter the quality of the teams and what they have gone through before, finals can take, and often DO have a dynamics of their own. So many things can affect the feel of the day; who starts better, who settles better and who is willing to just do what is needed.


Portugal were considered the underdogs, nobody expected them to reach the finals . The team was too dependent on Ronaldo . Till the quarter finals they didn’t win any game within 90MINS, but they were the first team to do that in Euros. Even during the group stages they were under-performing and they had to rely on draws and goal difference between teams like Iceland and Hungary.

Ronaldo has managed to equal Michel Platini’s record in the European Championship of nine total goals. However, Griezmann is the first player after the French Legend in 1984 to hit six in one competition. Ronaldo is looking at accentuating his career with the trophy and Griezmann would get recognition among the elite players in the world.


France along with the home support, is still a young team blended with experienced players. After the World Cup, the French people were hoping for something special since the team looked really stylish in the papers. Griezmann got his revenge on Germany since he was the one who cried the most during the German vs France game in the world cup where France was knocked out. He stepped up his game immensely in the last 2 seasons and now is the hottest property in Europe.

It feels like France have had their bigger moment given they eliminated the Germans, who were not only world champions but also a nemesis in their football history. It might be Portugal next!

The French are a team just like how Germany was a team. Dedier Deschamp used his youthful team very well indeed.

Will it be the all time top Euro scorer or the all time top scorer in a single Euro who will come on top?
Will it be the young France Team with rising stars like Griezmann, Pogba, Payet and lots more or the underdogs of the tournament, Portugal, led by one of the best player of all time, Christiano Ronaldo?

Words by Alongba Kechuchar,
Customer Experience Wizard and Stylist at MR BUTTON