The Working Man’s Guide to Outdoor Training.

Jatin from The Style Doodler shows us how to stay in shape by going outdoors.


When it comes to keeping up with a healthy lifestyle for a working man, we sometimes take a step back and ignore it thinking I will start it from tomorrow. But that tomorrow never happens. So how to balance a healthy body with this hectic lifestyle? I give you some basic tips which won’t take more than 10 minutes of your day and still keep you healthy and active.


1. Stretch


Keep stretching those muscles from hands to neck to legs to avoid muscle soreness.


2. Stepper


Very simple and effective. Just use your stairs and go up and down on two stairs and do it for 25 reps. Increase the intensity by doing it faster once comfortable.


3. Push-Ups


This is most effective exercise of all. Works on your chest, shoulders, back and triceps and shapes up your upper body pretty fast if done regularly. Try with 10 reps a day and do three sets. Increase it as per your comfort level


4. Jumping Squats


Legs are the foundation of our body and in order to keep running we need to give extra importance to them. Jumping Squats is simple and works directly on your thigh and calves muscle. Keep hands behind your head, legs shoulder width apart and go down till you take a seated position. Come up and jump to the max and then repeat. Try this exercise with 10 reps for 3 sets every day.


5. Triceps Dips

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Triceps take over ¾ th of your arms and a bigger and toned triceps surely makes those guns look big. Try triceps dips 10 reps 3 sets every day and increase as per comfort level.


I have been following this regimen since long and this always keeps me on the go. The brilliant feeling of early morning vibes in a park is un-matched and brings in a fresh feel throughout the day. We are living in times where we need to keep ourselves in shape. As they say “Work hard or go home”. I must add here that this comfortable outfit makes it all the more fun to work out. The breathable fabric of the tank top and joggers is a must to work out in this heat.

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Outstanding photography by Vidit Jain