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The February Boy for a personal styling session at Mr Button.


Does your style speak to you? Not until now, whether you’re debating on what to wear on the first day of your office, or if coloured pants would go with a printed shirt? Or deciding what to wear at your best friend’s wedding. The answers to all your questions will be given by your personal stylist. The ultimate expression of personal style is comfort or more specifically, confidence and comfort. Have you defined your personal style yet? If no, then life has become easy with the GUIDESHOP by MR BUTTON, it offers you a personal stylist who will assist you in getting the best look as per Your Style and Preference.

Mr Button Guideshop experience zone is aimed at fulfilling two main objectives. Firstly, the customers can take a tour of the GUIDESHOP which offers exclusive styles, personalised fashion content and style tips. Secondly, A personal stylist at the Guideshop gives style tips and also helps one pick the right look along with shoes and accessories.


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The team has the most dynamic people who hold similar tastes but have a different approach. The brand where the fit and structure, taste for elegance and style, and the modern consumer is utmost priority gives you a chance of going through an amazing experience of defining your own personal style and help you look your best. Be any occasion, they have it all, from Nehru jackets to bag that would go perfectly with your outfit.

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They choose you decide, assuring you to leave the GUIDESHOP with the best attire. We men often have tendency of limiting ourselves to basic colours, prints and are afraid to experiment with bright colours which can actually look really good, including me, most of you must have noticed me sticking to basics but soon after i wore this printed shirt my perception totally changed. We’re unsure of how it would look. and but let me tell you guys you’re not gonna straight up invent the Sham Wow on your very first go, more likely, you will blow the entire whole lab up. And it’s totally fine to make mistakes.

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Thankfully, I’m older and wiser so I can shed some light on what to expect as u begin experimenting with your personal style. It’s often far more important to make the most of what you’ve got. Whether that means experimenting with your existing pieces or being realistic, logical and practical about your style as a whole, there is a great deal that you can do without spending a penny. Development of your personal style should also be viewed as a long term commitment, but not necessarily in the way you might imagine. It does NOT, as many people seem to think, mean regular investment in new clothes. This process is more than anything. It is an exercise in styling, pushing yourself to try new combinations, new prints etc.

GUIDESHOP has nailed down the steps to discovering the particular look that speaks to your most fashionable self. You may never have imagined yourself looking that sharp. Your personal stylist will give an edge to your entire look considering all your likes and dislikes.


The styling session will be mostly focused on how you can actually experiment with your look. Sometimes when you’re unsure about certain type of clothes that is when you should visit the GUIDESHOP to clear all your doubts. So Stop the struggle already and visit your next favourite place for all your fashion queries.

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Experience great fitting clothes at GUIDESHOP, Alterations serve many purposes. Fit is the most obvious, whether it’s taking up a pair of trousers, shortening your shirt sleeves or nipping in the waist of a jacket, making sure all of your clothes fit you properly and flatter your body type is one of menswear’s few prerequisites. Good fit also ensures comfort, which, as previously mentioned, breeds confidence. To be truly confident in your clothes you need to feel completely comfortable in them (in both the physical and metaphysical sense), and alterations offer the perfect way to starting building it. However, if you want your style to be truly individual, you must consider more than just fit. Adding interesting details to your clothes or altering them to better suit your personality/look will really separate you from the crowd.

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Finally, at every stage, in whatever you do and however you do it, you must remain realistic. Take logical steps and be certain in what you want, why you want it, whether you NEED it, how much you can spend and, ultimately, if it’s all that necessary.

If you love your style and you love your clothes, it will definitely shine through and that, to my mind, can only be a good thing.

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