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the rise of the (un)formal

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Are you the kinds who like to wear formals with a little twist? Is pairing a Blazer with sneakers your thing? Or wearing a t-shirt with a blazer to work keeps you going? Yes, we’re talking about The Rise! Rising above the formals. It’s time to be the change and bring about a change in how people look at formals. That’s where our New Collection gets inspiration from. It’s all about The Rise of the (un)formals.

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Here’s a look which is straight from The Rise and this is what workwear for us at the HQ looks like. A word of caution would be to check with your HR once before you become adventurous! I have always believed in being comfortable in what I wear, and that even reflects in the kind of styles we create. Let me break down the outfit for you.

This outfit makes it easy for me to do my day to day activities at work without any discomfort as my work requires me to be on my toes at all times. Well, workwear gets a fresh change right here.

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These cotton joggers are perfect to be worn to work and will keep you comfortable throughout the day and any task your boss throws at you will seem easy (works for me!).

Longline tees have been big for quite sometime now and there’s clearly no turning back! I like to pair this one here with almost everything, here I’ve opted to wear it with a navy sweatshirt. It gives it a relaxed look which I like to carry to work.

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This sweatshirt is a perfect option for layering in the Delhi winters and it totally adds to the comfort. The patch on it is a personal favourite and the zip detailing makes it one peculiar piece.

We know that you would want to rise above the usual formal wear and to help you do just that, here’s a little something for you. Use code: RISEABOVE and avail a flat 20% off on any of these three styles! What’s stopping you mate?

Seen here is Nitish, our resident menswear designer, who likes to take time off and play around with his own designs. Our promise to you, we’ll make him do so more often in this series of outfit inspirations (provided targets are met!).