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The Humble Waistcoat Gets a New Life.


You want to look put together for your meetings or for your dinner date? You want to make your first impression in front of the new client or want to sign that power deal? What’s the first option of menswear you will opt in these situations? The very essential blazer or your suit? Let me take the liberty of bringing your attention to the power of a waistcoat. Yes dear sir you heard me right.

A waistcoat is brilliant or fantastic or superb or any superlative you want to associate with this menswear powerhouse. Waistcoats have been around for long and have made our three piece suit stand out and helped us take control of certain situations. They are versatile and will always add a dash of sophistication to your ensemble. I don’t recall anything apart from a three piece suit which can speak volumes about that powerful demeanour you channel. Imagine Al Pacino in Godfather or James Bond, in well, Bond movies. The humble waistcoat is now a great layering option without getting into the hassles of a three piece suit and can be worn individually. Pull a tweed version over an oxford shirt and your dark jeans for your night escapades or go for that waistcoat from your suit and wear it over your daily formals for maximum impact at the office presentations. The waistcoat is the new armour which every man should be wearing right now!


Like always the fit is of supreme importance and should not be neglected. The perfect fit waistcoat comes with high armholes to enable movement without restricting and keeps you looking snug and is not too tight. Wear it with your slim fit shirts and not loose or ill fitting shirts and t-shirts as it will then give a billowing effect, which trust me can be your worst nightmare.

The modern day waistcoats come in myriad styles and material. Opt for ones cut on herringbone or tweed for colder months and cottons for the hotter ones. Waistcoats are a safe option to try in various tones from neutrals to burst of colours and patterns like plaids, gingham or windowpane. In the end, it comes to your personal preference but I will suggest you to start with versatile tones of black, grey and blue. These are the colours which will work with almost everything in your wardrobe and will help you understand the far fetched dominance of this powerful menswear staple. Once you have gained some confidence, you may look for some playful numbers like patterns and checks.


Ways to wear a Waistcoat:

Here are some fool proof methods of slaying waistcoats.


Casual Vibes.


Wear it with a t-shirt or a short sleeved shirt for some casual affair and I bet you will be fresh as hell. Pair it with your leather sneakers to keep things in sync.


Semi-Formal Game.


There will be situations where you don’t want to look like a serious senior auditor or a GM of financial institutions. Just go with a waistcoat worn over your printed or plaid shirt and you can club it with your dark chinos or neat dark denims. This look is as powerful as it may get and your downright swagger can add to the effect.


Formal is The Norm of The Day.

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The three piece suit you bought last season is still good. Moreover, you may keep the blazer at home and wear the waistcoat on top of your everyday white or blue shirt. Pair it with a neat tie and you are ready to handle the pressure of the financial year closing at the office. Formal events are best closed with a waistcoat. Pop in a neat or jazzy pocket square to seal the whole look.


Final word

Waistcoats are fast gaining it’s position in men’s wardrobe and it’s impact is being applauded world wide. Mighty Style Gods like Mr. David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and David Gandy have been slaying the waistcoat game like a pro. Keep the top and the bottom buttons opened for ease of movement and you will be good. It’s time you get your self a waistcoat, this season.

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Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON