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The New Clan of Trousers.

Drawstring trousers are fresh on trend meter.

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The love for doing new things and putting a spin on classics is our aphrodisiac. The entire experimentation with trousers on fashion runways has been troubling us and we could not stop ourselves from doing something new in this territory. The freer, much-relaxed silhouette of trousers in summer friendly fabrics caught our fancy and we did a few of our own rendition of this hit trend. The new rage are relaxed trousers with drawstring waist, adding to the chill vibes. We aptly call it to be a chiller cousin of sweatpants but in more widely acceptable fabrics like twill, cotton or linen.

The comfort level of these trousers is top class and they nearly end up in sweatpants territory. We cut our drawstring trousers on a stylish and much-structured pattern where you get a certain losing on the crotch and thighs but a tapered ankle to make you the boss of effortless cool. The trousers come with a drawstring on the waist belt and it’s your choice to leave them open or tie them and go out. The tweak is done to pull out some seriousness from the semi-casual trousers or let’s just say to inject a new rush to our everyday trousers. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, pair them with your casual blazer and white leather sneakers or just pair them with a suit if you want extra points for being ambitious (over-ambition can fetch top dollars). Like always we ask our Style Agents to pull out their picks on this hot and new trend. Here are their top picks!

The On Point Major Cotton Trousers


For starters, this was made as part of a suit, but then the versatility of these trousers is good for a solo run as well. The textured pattern of these cotton trousers is neat and shall not obstruct the formal scene at your workplace when paired with a blazer and brogues. Get rid of the blazer and slip into leather trainers and you will be ready for some instant off-duty bonhomie with your pals.

The Relaxed Simon Linen Trousers


We have already announced our profound love for linen, loud and clear. This number is cut on a more relaxed pattern and is all ready to be your best bet this summer. The twin leather stripes are added to carry some mojo and exhibit your sporty side. Pair them with your basic tees and we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t command some extra attention (all good).

The Inner Swag Linen Trousers


This one is our favourite black linen drawstring trousers. The drawstring gets a twist with some on point pattern and it adds to the appeal of the whole number. The side PU patch is done to exhibit the adventurous side and to put you in top gear for all your outdoor excursions. The key ring loop in the front is for you to hang your keys (it’s actually a very cool trick) and bring that commuter state in your lifestyle.

The Haridwar Hippie Linen Trousers


The name and the style is inspired by a hippie from Israel, who met me in Rishikesh couple of years back. These trousers are perfect for lazing around on those long Sunday brunches, sitting all day with your pals in that chic patio cafe. The blue PU strip on one side of these trousers is for added drama and they make you look like a polished and well kept hippie (ha-ha).

The Street Side Glory Neoprene Trousers

Neoprene is big and we believe this to be one of our most ambitious trousers. The street style swagger is kept at the centerstage with drawstrings and a much higher crotch with a slight carrot fit at the bottom. These trousers are light and comfortable and shall help you garner good compliments due to the nature of it’s fall and the ability to be clubbed with almost anything in your wardrobe. What’s the wait, then?

Final Word: These new age drawstring trousers are meant to add that twist to your everyday trousers or joggers. The sharpness of trousers is equally balanced with the coolness of sweatpants. The sporty edge is complimented with the lazy comfortable vibes. Long story cut short, the one trouser with many facets is right here. Which one are you picking?


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON