5 Games for the Boy Inside You!

The best of mobile Gaming you need to know


The best of mobile gaming you need to know

In the present day,mobile gaming has evolved to a whole new level. The graphics and the in depth storyline can make us lose the hold of the real world. There was a time when PSP’s were a hot product, to be truthful they are still but smartphones are getting at par with portable gaming consoles. Moreover they allow the power user to skip the hassle of carrying two devices at once. This time Mr Button presents to you 5 must have mobile games to get indulged, be it on your way to office, a boring meeting or your friends drop by for dinner and ask for some multiplayer action, Unleash your fury, wreak havoc with Mr Button’s 5 must have mobile games for your smartphone:



The Wolf Among Us:

This is an episodic, interactive mystery video game based on the a fable book series by Bill Willingham. It is third person perspective game, you’ll find yourself in the shoes of Bigby Wolf (Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, but now he is much ferocious werewolf) who is the sheriff of Fabletown- where all the fables live. The protagonist’s choices are what impacts the future episodes, your selections can change the attitude of other characters or can get them in trouble and at times get them killed too. While playing through the really involving campaign as Bigby you’ll find him to be amazingly powerful and reckless and infact he is too manly like we all like to be, commanding, a beast who is aggressively vocal too. Snow White adds the perfect twist to the plot being the sheriff’s love interest but being exactly reverse of what Bigby is as a fable. All summed up you get the chance of being BIG, BAD and a WOLF that too wildly in love. This “Telltale Games” masterpiece is available on iOS and Android mobile platforms.


Asphalt 8: Airborne:

This is one of the highest rated action packed racing game in the smartphone market. Free gameplay supported by in-app purchases is what makes this game an all winner. Throughout the game you get to drive a hell lot of cars that too propelled by indepth research done by Gameloft. There are 3 different control options available, tilt to steer being the best for me. The game features 8 seasons featuring 180 split events, the iOS version of the game although differs as a few extra events are introduced in it. The online multiplayer campaign adds the extra edge to the game, with you getting the challenging several players from around the world. The game comes along as a blessing, allowing you to choose from an armada of 155 cars. “Gameloft” have launched this awesome racing game on iOS, Android, Tizen, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS10.


Modern Combat 5:

This is a 2014 first person shooter, this is the first game of the Modern Combat series that went free to play along all platforms except for the BlackBerry 10 platform. The game is primarily a first person shooter, but during missions you’ll be controlling turrets on boats, helicopters, and at times drones. The protagonist in Blackout is “Caydan Phoenix” earlier a minor character in the campaign of Modern Combat 4. You can play through 6 game modes. The biggest change done in Blackout is that the missions are particularly shorter being at 5-10 minutes at an average, it also introduces the concept of allies some friends who can save your ass from the enemy. What are you waiting for then LOCK N’ LOAD. Made available by “Gameloft”on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.



This is an ultimate parkour game available for both iOS and Android. Even though the game is based on 2D animation and lacks colors but the gameplay is just awesome you’ll be playing along as an exceptional free-runner who escapes from the system which is more like a dictating artificial intelligence. Throughout the game you are chased by Big Brother who has been sent to bring you back. The game features extensive moves and I must say they are flawless if compared to real parkour. Jump, slide and rollover, that too without getting bruised, free the world from a particular and enforced mindset. The developer “Nekki” made this game available on iOS and Android.


The Dark Knight Rises:

The action adventure-stealth is game closely based on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. You’ll be playing as Gotham’s caped crusader of the night who inflicts terror in the hearts of criminals. The game features extensive hand to hand combat as expected along with set of puzzles to be cracked at times which get difficult over the course of the game. Let me tell you that the map is composed of sections that can be unlocked after successful completion of missions, is itself is so extensive and full of side quests that you may end up getting lost. Take control of the masked vigilante and let him kick some sense into the thugs. “Gameloft” has made this movie inspired game available on iOS, BlackBerry OS10 and Android.

I hope that this list of games is gonna keep you occupied for the coming few days, even if you end up playing all of them, you need not worry as the mobile platform keeps receiving a new set of games every now and then. The above mentioned are my idea of a perfect entertainment on the go that I wanted to suggest you all, so that you don’t miss out on the fun.


Words by Mr. Mohammed Ali Raza
Junior Content Associate  at MR BUTTON

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