The Dope Colour of the Season!

With This Colour, You're more than just sorted!

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It feels like yesterday when ‘winter is coming’ is was something that kept us going. Getting your layering game on point and taking them coats and jackets out for a ride is what we were rejoicing on. And suddenly the Summer God decides to pay us a visit before time! Well since we have no control over the weather conditions, let’s think about how we can be prepared to face the heat wave. Keeping yourself hydrated at all times would be a great idea, especially since your Tom Collins intake might see a sudden surge.

One more way to not let the summer affect you is by wearing weather friendly colours and in fabric that is perfect for that time. In fact, we have channelised the Nocturnal in us and given way to bold colours such as electric blue, which are going to go big this season. This colour has always been a favourite among the risk takers and there’s absolutely nothing we can say about this colour apart from asking you to try it someday and then thank us later for making you do that!

Here is what our Style Agent has to say about the Nocturnal effects of an electric blue suit, read for yourself and take cues!


The Dashing Maniac Cotton Blazer

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Before we tell you about how this blazer can change your life, let us start with how blazers happen to help earn the men clan those extra positive points. How do you feel when you see a girl walk past you wearing the perfect LBD, her stilettos making that noise which can’t let her go unnoticed, leaving her sweet fragrance behind, get that image? Now come back, that’s how girls feel when they see you in a perfect blazer, and if you’re bold enough to opt for an electric blue one, then Sir, there’s no stopping you! This single breasted blazer is your trump card!


The Mega Tycoon Cotton Trousers

A pair of trousers in electric blue is one of the best ways for you to include this colour in your wardrobe simply because you can wear these with majority of the light and dark coloured shirts and it has the power to become one of your absolute wardrobe essentials. We understand that you might be a little apprehensive about the colour, but believe us, once you see yourself cracking every meeting with ease simply because people appreciate you even more for the way you dress (your clothing says a lot about your confidence, science says so!) you’ll want to stick to hues of blue (read: ONLY electric blue!).


The Electric Soul Cotton Nehru Jacket

NOCNJA01 (8)-
Nehru jackets need no season and no weather to be worn. That’s exactly why we have one in electric blue! The Nocturnal feel that this style will give you is beyond comparison. Wear it with your favourite printed shirt (they are your shortcut to getting that X factor) and dark pants and you need not worry about anything but the extra attention that you’ll have to face.


An electric blue suit has the power that can’t and shouldn’t be left unnoticed. This is one colour that can be worn for every occasion, be it as an evening suit or for a smart business commitment. This colour can do wonders! Plus, this season it’s big again!


Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON