The Don is Back

Return of Narcos season 2!

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Rarely has the history witnessed a man who is bad and good and evil and hero and has the power of changing a country forever. I am talking precisely about Don Pablo Escobar, the undisputed kingpin of Medellin cocaine cartel. Netflix was on point by bringing a biopic with some masterclass  acting and a tight plot to keep the streamers hooked to their devices for marathon hours. After the mega success of season 1, Don Pablo is back with season 2 starting today on Netflix. We are expecting non-stop streaming of this and millions of Pablo fans hooked without the hint of what’s happening in the World around.

Season 2 will be portraying last days of Escobar’s reign as world’s most powerful (richest comes without saying) kingpin. Each tightly gripping episodes will chronicle the tactics employed to overthrow Escobar. The Don escapes from the self created prison at the start and is planning to take the cartel all over again. The authorities are devising a full fledged invasion to take him down once and for all. The trailer promises another bout of seamless watching of probably one of the best TV shows of our time. Netflix is having time of its life with some very gripping TV shows on stream but the originality of Narcos and the actors make it one of its kind.

Take a peek at the trailer and get ready for the Don.

Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON