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The slight cool of the spring is slowly transcending into a full blown summer.  You have just picked your “official scent of summer” and are excited to tell the world about it. You spray few dashes on your pulse points (your wrists and back of the ear) as you have been seeing and reading about it. By midday you realise that your new fragrance is completely gone leaving you with a sad and depressed state of mind. Where did you go wrong? You read the reviews and you knew that this one was made to last long. So what’s the problem?

It’s all about the location, dear Sir. The pulse point where we have been spraying our dollars in the form of all the designer perfumes turns out to be the problem. Reason being, that these pulse points are warmer due to the proximity of blood to the skin. The heat drives off the scent faster, thus reducing it’s life cycle. Secondly, these areas are exposed to the air and the scent dissipates more quickly than expected.

Breaking the pulse point myth, try the fragrance to activate through your body movements.  Splash a little on the middle of your chest, between the shirt to let it move upwards. Also try some on your biceps, or the elbows. These body parts are the most mobile ones, and the friction and the movement will allow the scent to dissipate better. Also applying it to a moisturised skin will help the scent hold for long. Try opting for a much more concentrated cologne or perfume, as they will last long and will help you conquer and turn few heads at the club or the house party.


Final Word- The Pulse Point myth needs to go and now. Try this trick this time of the year and you will ensure that you are a better smelling man every time you announce yourself.


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON