The best Honeymoon Destinations for Every Couple!

Honeymoon as you will like it!

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Congrats on your biggest day and welcome to a whole new stage of life. Yes you are married and yes you have a companion you’ve probably known for a while and now you have been pronounced Husband and Wife. Wedding and the whole nine yard of it’s planning has been a real pain in the neck but you did it with flying colours. All the stress of having the perfect wedding is now over and it’s time to reminisce about the sweet wedding day and dream and plan about a beautiful life ahead. We know you want to forget all the jazz around building a family and the future right now and we understand the real reason behind you eagerly awaiting your wedding, yes sir, it’s your honeymoon. After all of that long planning and frenzy, we are sure that you are in a dire need of a week or two away from any responsibilities at some exotic location (locations) with your new partner.

There is a kind of honeymoon for every kind of couple and it’s totally cool to decide upon places as per you and your partner’s preference. Choose from a lazy and luxurious itinerary to a wild and crazy adventurous trip. Go to ancient cities or hit the beach resorts. There is one for every kind of couple and you need to ensure you hit the right spots. Mr Button lists down some of the best places for your special trip depending upon you and your partner’s preference to ensure you have a great honeymoon.


Old World Romance Honeymoon
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Venice, Italy

Why Venice:

Visiting This northern Italian city is like a present to your senses. It has been a favourite for honeymooners and elegant and vast piazzas and glistening waterways of this ancient city breathes grandeur and romance.

When to go : Venice at it’s best!

April to June, and September to November. Summers in July and August get very hot and may not be the best time to go as it makes the canals smell.

What to do:

Take a romantic and lazy stroll around Piazza San Marco and feel the grandeur of the enormous domes of the Basilica di San Marco. No trip is complete without the iconic Gondola ride. Cuddle up and glide through Venetian Canals or just get lost together in the Labyrinthine streets which will have new discoveries for both of you at every turn and corner.


Beach Honeymoon

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St. Barts, The Caribbean

Why St. Barts:

This French influenced Island is one of the most upscale destinations in the Caribbean and it will remind you of an elegant appeal similar to the French Riviera. Romance is in the air!

When to go : St. Barts at it’s Best!

The Weather is on a gorgeous spree throughout December to June.

What to Do:

The Island has 22 beaches all open to the visitors and each offers a unique experience. In mood for some snorkeling? Head to St. Jean and Grand Cul-de-Sac with your partner. The relaxed vibe of the islands set the perfect mood for some indulgences. Shop for posh big brands from the duty free shops or just enjoy exotic wines and have some French and Creole influenced cuisine.


Adventurous Honeymoon



Why Iceland:

The country is largely inhabited and the scenery changes every few minutes. Expect volcanic landscapes to green grassy middle Earth to glistening waterfalls and soothing hot springs.

When to go: Iceland at it’s Best!

The best time to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights is in September to March – with the beginning and end of that period offering longer days, less snow and more warmth. May to September is peak season, and you can enjoy the midnight sun – as well as hikes, wonderful photographic opportunities and summer festivals.

What To Do:

Go to very picturesque Snaefellsjökull National Park to see beautiful two massive lava formations and a surreal waterfall. Stop by the blue lagoon and take a dip in the various pools and hot springs with your darling. Take a guided tour in a super jeep to the country’s hidden gems and stop by to take part in activities like glacier hikes, horse riding and the very famous northern lights.


Exotic Honeymoon

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Marrakech, Morocco

Why Marrakech:

This North African city has been popular amongst the creative geniuses of the world and fashion designers and actors have been paying visit for decades to find inspiration. The old city vibe and the ancient movie-set like feel is resplendent with scenes of belly dancing, horse drawn carriage and maze of markets.

When to go: Marrakech at it’s Best!

The best times to visit Marrakech are from March through May and from October through November.

What to Do:

The mysterious city offers a range of activities for the honeymooners. Take a lazy stroll around the old city ramparts of Medina and get ready to travel back in time in this world heritage site. Experience the markets of the city with no price tags on stuff ranging from hand woven kilim rugs, jewelry, leather, fabrics and handcrafted wonders. Pay a visit to the Majorelle Garden for some french inspired botanical masterpiece. Take a day trip to Atlas mountains for some adventure sports and your darling will thank you later for this trip.


City Escape Honeymoon

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Panama City, Panama

Why Panama City:

This Central American Capital City offers a myriad of activities for the newlyweds. A Vibrant nightlife, full service resorts, exotic path getaways and historic sites. This Latin American city is one roller coaster of a drive.

When to go: Panama City at it’s Best!

You can travel to Panama at anytime of the year, however, the dry season runs between mid-December and mid-April which is generally considered the best time to visit. Temperatures remain pretty constant, high throughout the year, 30 degrees centigrade and over.

What To Do:

Take a stroll hand in hand with your partner to the old area of the town called the Casco Viejo, for many romantic and quaint restaurants. Go to a jazz bar for some wine and music. Go to the other part of the city called the Ancon Hill for the best view of the entire city. Want to gift something to your sweetheart? Fret not as Panama has one of the best shopping experience in that part of the world. Don’t forget to take a trip to the World famous Panama Canal.


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON