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The 5 best Horror Movies in a foreign language.

Fear needs no language.


Sometimes the best way to scare yourself is to step out of your comfort zone and in to another language.

With that in mind, here are 5 foreign horror movies we thought would interest our reader but fair warning, it’s not for the weak of heart or the stomach.




Picture Credit; IMDB.

Japan has no short amount of horror movies that we all love like “
The Ringu” “Dark Waters” “The Curse” but this movie is just on another level with all the psychological tale of obsession and graphic torture scenes. This movie will sicken you and have you shielding your eyes in most of the scene but you just can’t stop watching this movie, no wonder its one of Eli Roth’s Favorite horror movies.


 The Devil’s Backbone(Mexico,2001)

Picture Credit; IMDB.


Del Toro has been involved in many super natural movies like “Pan’s Labyrinth” ”Blade”, “Hellboy” but this has to be one of his best and most spookiest movie. This terrifying tale set during the Spanish civil war has all you need for a good horror movie—an orphanage, an ongoing war,an orphan who can see visions about mysterious apparitions andstrange stories about children missing. What more can we ask for?


The Orphanage(Spain,2007)

Picture Credit; IMDB.

The orphanage is one of the most complete horror movies with its intelligence and emotion setting it apart from most horror moviesabout a couple reopening an abandoned orphanage where their seven year old adopted son goes missing one night starting the mysterious events that follows.

One of the scariest “scary children” movie and the masks they use will definitely keep you awake for some nights.


Let the Right one in(Sweden,2008)

Picture Credit; IMDB.

This story is about a bloodsucker in a girl’s body and the boy she befriends and the growth of their relationship is probably the best vampire film made in years, and thought its American remake is nothing to smirk at, the original just is so much better.


A Tale of Two Sisters.(South Korea, 2003)

Picture Credit; IMDB.

This challenging film is part psychological thriller, part ghost story, and will keep you thinking about it for weeks after you have seen it driving you crazy over the complex mind twisting plot about two sisters who after returning from home from a psychiatric hospital, experience increasingly disturbing events involving both of them and their step-mother.

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Words by Alongba Kechuchar,
Customer Experience Wizard and Stylist at MR BUTTON