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The 3-Piece Suit Style Guide You Need

When a man wears a suit, he is not over dressed. Everyone else is, simply, underdressed.

You can never go wrong in a suit, because it acts as an extension of your personality whenever you put it on.
Here’s what the Style Mirror has to say about us:

“I have believed in this mantra for as long as I can remember and found myself falling in love with formal wear, especially a well fitting suit, even more and more. Pair that with pinstripes and voila!

It was love at first sight for me, with this 3 piece jet set black suit I got from Mr Button. I was lucky enough to get a Nehru jacket of the same style, as well. Since it is a black suit, the obvious choice for a shirt was a crisp white one. I opted for tan shoes and a belt from the same color family to ensure that my look wasn’t too monotone and livelier, instead.

Separately, the pieces work just as good as well, if styled properly. This is a plausible option when you want to wear something stylish, but not necessarily formal.

With a waistcoat like the one I have, you can do a lot. Any shirt that that is of a lighter shade will go with the waistcoat. You can even opt for a grey shirt, if you want, paying attention that it is not too dark or neither the shirt nor the waistcoat will be differentiable. Swapping the blazer with a denim or leather jacket might work too, depending on the latter.

As for the blazer, there are a hundred different things you can do and there will still be a hundred others you can try. Apart from the conventional shirt, a solid or even a printed t-shirt can help you pull off a look apt for a party. If you want to go for a more laid back semi-formal look, don’t hesitate to wear the blazer with a turtleneck. The combination is totally in vogue, right now, and for all the right reasons. The blazer can also be worn with light brown chinos, to get that perfect brunch date look.

The Nehru jacket is a fashion trend in itself, with pinstripes it gets even better. Wear it with a shirt, wear it with a kurta-pajama, it will never cease to be elegant.

The trousers are probably the most versatile piece in the whole set. You can pull it off as part of a casual, formal and even a party outfit, whichever suits you. For a casual look, put on a solid t-shirt or a turtleneck and possibly a pair of neutral colored trainers/sneakers. At a party, you can put on a dark printed shirt and good watch on your wrist.

The next time you’re investing in a suit, don’t worry about whether you’ll get your money’s worth or not. With the right styling you can be a showstopper, and I am here to help you with that. So whatever be the occasion, whatever be your mood, make sure you take a little sip of confidence because that’s all you need to pull off any look you have in mind”.