Tank Tops Are Big This Season. Are You Listening ?

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For the very first time, Mr Button launches a line of new age vests or tank tops for men this summer. This humble piece has been around for some time and it was time we came out with our own range. Immerse in the summer state of mind and take them from your beach junkets to your gym sessions. The soft mercerised cotton used in these vests will ensure that you feel light as air.


Out of all the summer outfits, a tank top is the most appropriate one and if it’s this sharp you may easily wear it as your staple style especially when you are one of those outdoorsy lads. The minimal structure makes your vest the perfect solution to the humid days allowing breezy and light demeanour. Add some character to your vest, like a print or a patched pocket and it will be one of the supreme methods of injecting a personality to your look.


With complete disruption in our minds, we launch a series of some very strong yet breezy tank tops this season. Here are our top 5 picks to keep your summer heat in check and your style in total control.


 The Transformed Ninja Tank Top
Our Love with patches and stripes transcends itself to this tank top. The fluid white will always provide you a solace in the heat and the street style appropriate patches will keep your style game in place. You may also team it up with your light weight jackets when you pop out on those rainy evenings to  shop for your essentials.64


 The Outdoor Maverick Tank Top
This vest here can be your best partner while you go for your daily gym sessions. The sporty stripped edging is to tell the world that you are serious about your fitness goals. At the same time, it will denote the fact that you have an eye for small detail which works wonderfully on that super fit (I mean hot) yoga instructor you have been thinking to ask out for coffee (or wine maybe)65


 The New Beachboy Tank Top
Let’s say that you are frequent flyer to famous beach spots around the world. Well this tank top here is your best bet to pep some things up when you at your next beach destination. Wear this one with your shorts or your joggers and don’t forget to carry a good sunscreen.66


 The Crude Ranger Tank Top
This one here has an edgy detail going on making it our favourite summer essential. A white tank top will allow you to mix it with any other contrast and is best partnered with your light weight denim jacket which you should carry keeping in mind the rainy evenings can be chilly. This cool vest is also a good option when you are out for jog with your pet.67


The Strong Current Tank Top
Our love affair with white is looking very strong. This vest has a stripped panel in front and it will compliment your holiday state of mind. Pack your backpack, pick your novel and walk up some road less travelled. This super cool vest allows you to keep everything toned down and let the edgy panel be the highlight of your travel photo books. Classic for next few years to come68


Tank tops are big in trend this season and I see no reason why it should not be made a part of your summer capsule wardrobe. A very serious advice from my side will be to keep your body hair all pruned up and keep your pit bush to be at its minimum best. Carry good sunscreen when outdoor and a chiseled biceps will also add to the whole look. If all of these are checked in your list, I wanna know where are you going next, you wandering soul?




Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON