Bring in this summer with fresh perspectives!

jogger inside-2

Summer is here. It’s comfortable and frankly translates to weight literally being lifted from your shoulders, not that you didn’t love sporting the leather jackets and structured blazers that made you feel and look just supreme, but now you’re looking forward to moving around in weightless ease.
Enter the Jogger Pants. They belong to the spring like they belong nowhere better, and this is the time to set them to action.

Only sweatpants? Wrong. Unfashionable? Wrong. Not Outdoorsy? Wrong. Frowned upon? Maybe. But that certainly needs to change.

It’s a fresh take on men’s bottoms, as fresh as brewed beer on a morning dedicated to beer! Also a convenient, comfortable way to leave a mark, while exuding all the right kinds of confidence at all the places you take them to.

Where all can they take you? Wear them while you’re shopping for groceries, while lounging, while running, on a date, a concert, on vacation, all that and more, when you get them right. Let’s cruise, shall we?

jogger blog 4

You could spend an entire day gallivanting the cityscape, without once touching your jeans or trousers the entire time. It really is the easiest thing, the background setting could switch from slopping in front of the laptop in your bedroom to strolling the mall, and you’d be in the exact same attire, while still looking prim, of Corse!

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You’re planning an elaborate home made meal for the lady, cooking it all from scratch. Moving around restlessly, but determined to make it all work. She’s going to arrive soon enough and you don’t really want to get rid of the craftsman grime on you. You begin and end with the jogger, and that’s how it’s done.

jogger blog 2

Heading out for a road trip? Supreme Plan! How’s the thought of sipping that tired-after-extensive-travel-tea? Now do you want to be in jeans when that precious, hard earned moment arrives? Not when you’ve got this alternate. Start with your joggers and ensure a smooth ride, all the way!

jogger blog 5

Visiting an artsy affair on that rare Sunday, reckon it would be great to dress interesting, but unsure of the direction to take that thought in? This should work out just right. Pair a crisp jogger with a neat shirt and casual sandals. You’re unmistakably distinct; all you need in addition is the devil-may-care-aura. Sounds about right.

Words by Miss Neha Pandey at MR BUTTON