Stylish Villains on Screen

Evil has never looked better!

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While it’s all fun being the hero who saves the day, sometimes that can seem a little boring, not to mention a little stressful.

Villains on the other hand basically have it all. They can do what they want, to whoever they want, including wearing outfits that on anyone else might look ridiculous.

Here we’ve narrowed down the finest dressed evil chaps from the big screen.


Jim Moriarty:

Portrayed By Andrew Scott in the “Sherlock” TV Series

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The Consulting Criminal who created a large criminal organization and a criminal genius himself, Jim Moriarty was a sadistic and psychopathic individual, who we can’t deny had style and class. A character that could even give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. He can nearly always be seen wearing full dress suits (Westwood, to be precise), like the Dark Blue one which he wore in his first meeting with Sherlock and a Grey one during his visit to the latter’s apartment. His style is often accompanied with a tie.

Suits never looked more deadly than when worn by Moriarty.

The suit above is a Double Button Classic featuring a Skull and Crossbone lining with Westwood logo buttons.


Patrick Bateman:

Portrayed by Christian Bale in the movie “American Psycho”

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Patrick Bateman who is in his mid-20s when the story begins, narrates his everyday activities. We see him transitioning from his recreational life among the Wall Street elite of New York; wealthy, materialistic Wall Street investment banker who leads a double life as a serial killer.

Bateman is the ultimate stereotype of yuppie greed: rich, shallow, and addicted to sex, drugs, and conspicuous consumption and takes delight in obsessively detailing, virtually every single feature of his designer clothes, workout routine, business cards, alcoholic drinks, elaborate high-end stereo, and home theatre sound system.

In the film, no character escapes the signature 80s details — the low gorge on the lapels, wide shoulders and the long jacket length and the must have Pinstripes shirts. Patrick Bateman looks perfect in his Valentine Couture suits and Oliver Peoples glasses. The Flamboyant men’s style of the 1920’s.

The Perfect Killer Style for any serial killer out there.


Tom Ripley:

Portrayed by Matt Damon in the movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley”

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Tom Ripley, a con- man is paid to go to Italy by Herbert Greenleaf, a shipbuilding magnate, to convince his son Dickie (a half-remembered acquaintance) to return to New York and join the family business. Ripley befriends the younger Greenleaf and falls in love with the rich young man’s indulgent, carefree lifestyle; he also becomes obsessed with Greenleaf himself. He eventually murders Greenleaf after the playboy tires of him and spurns his friendship. He then assumes Greenleaf’s identity, forging the signatures on his monthly remittances from a trust fund.

He is a suave, agreeable and utterly amoral con artist and serial killer who always evades justice. He is also polite, friendly and cultured, and dislikes people who lack such qualities. Both a likable character and a cold-blooded killer.

The Talented Mr. Ripley is a sartorial masterpiece as the film captures a smart balance between Classic Tailoring and Casual Resort wear. While the calculating Ripley wore Conservative Suits and haphazardly Mixed Prints for laid-back outings at the beginning of the movies, his style slowly evolves to  something extra light with short sleeves and loose linen pants and floral shorts. He resorts to something oversized and white to wear as a Cover-up on the sailboat and a must needed pair of espadrilles.

The perfect wear for the Summers.


Tyler Durden:
Portrayed By Brad Pitt in the Movie “Fight Club”

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Tyler Durden is The Narrator’s split personality. He was created by the perfect storm of the Narrator’s insomnia-induced insanity and his frustration with a hollow life of wage-slavery and consumerism. He is the manifestation of a completely free person the Narrator wishes he could be.
Tyler Durden is the Narrator’s imaginary alter ego, the embodiment of his “death drive” and repressed masculinity.

Tyler is charismatic, cunning, ambitious, chaotic and super confident about himself.

First off, it takes confidence to wear what Tyler Durden dons and deep down we all have a little Tyler Durden talking to us. And that look-alike is probably wearing some style of clothes that you wouldn’t dream of wearing. This is the prime example of, ‘man makes the clothes what they are’ and not the other way around. His Red Leather Biker Jackets and Abstract Shirts were a statement. And you just can’t miss his ever present Aviators.


Raoul Silva:

Portrayed By Javier Bardem in the James Bond movie “Skyfall”

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A cyber-terrorist and former Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6) operative, he turns to cyber-terrorism and begins targeting the agency he used to work for as part of a plan to get revenge against M, against whom he holds a homicidal grudge.

Silva was highly charismatic, cunning, manipulative and a fully-fledged megalomaniac. On the surface, he displays a peculiarly quirky, colourful and flamboyant personality. However, this conceals a far darker, cynical, crueller and more vindictive side; born from his perceived betrayal by the Secret Intelligence Service in the past.

Just because a demented madman hell-bent on revenge is willing to take down all of London to kill a former boss, doesn’t mean he can’t look great doing it. Cream coloured Jackets are Silva’s preferred calling card, which pairs great with Luxe Printed Shirts.


Words by Alongba Kechuchar,

Customer Experience Wizard and Stylist at MR BUTTON