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‘Be careful of that girl’, they said.

‘For she should not be taken lightly. She’s as wild as fire and calm like the sea. She is crazy, beautiful, kind and badass. She is a force to be reckoned with. That girl is an unpredictable masterpiece.’

Yes gentlemen, we know that we are nature’s most unique paradox. A mystery so enticing, we give you a run for your money.

And then there’s the age-old question which always troubles you men, ‘How do I really know that she’s into me?’ ‘Was that just a friendly gesture or a flirty pass?’

Exhausting? Well it doesn’t have to be! You don’t need to worry about missing out on your window of opportunity anymore. We bring out real women giving real insights about the subtle, but not so hidden traits they display when they’ve got their heart ticking for you.

We sat down with 7 gorgeous ladies from different walks of life and had them spill their guts out for us. Make sure to take notes fellas, cause its real women decoding it all for you this time.

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What is it about a cute guy that turns me into a 2-year-old playing peek-a-boo? Every time he’s around me, my cheeks are flushed. A blush so red, it could put a rose to shame. And it gets even worse! I turn into a giggling freak cause all I do is giggle at everything he says, does or even doesn’t. Trust me, I’ve seen some of the most hard-core women not being able to control their smiles and giggles when they’re around the one who makes their heart flutter. Silly, senseless or even bland, the words don’t matter. If it’s coming from someone I really dig, just hear my crazy giggle and you’ll know what’s it about.

Radhika Sinha, 21

MBA Student, Mumbai

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Play hard to get!

Sounds cliché? But this oldest trick in the book works like a charm and I swear by it. As much as the guys enjoy the thrill of the chase, we can’t deny that us girls find it a bit thrilling ourselves. If I’m into you, I might not want to straight up reflect the same via my actions. I’d rather act completely opposite and would want you to pursue me. I know we can be complex like that. There’ll be subtle hints thrown here and there, hoping the guy gets the gist and follows through with this game of cat and mouse. It also tells me how badly the person in question wants to be with me. I know that sounds harsh, but in the words of a wise fella himself, ‘If it comes easy, it’s not worth having.’ *Wink Wink*

Sara Khan, 25

Journalist, Delhi


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Can we, we can…Keep each other Company?

If its 2 in the morning and I’m up discussing Finding Nemo, your dog’s health, the weather, and basically anything from a pin to a plane, take the cue! Trust me, not every guy gets that level of dedication and commitment from a girl’s end. If I like someone, I take the initiative of sending out a text or making a call. And no, we no longer must live by the fossilized stereotype of guys making the first move! I do send out random texts from time to time and put in my best efforts to keep the conversation going. After that, the ball’s in his court and I’m secretly hoping for him to make efforts at his end too and not just play dumb with the hmmm’s and the okay’s. If the conversation was supposed to end 2 hours ago and yet I keep finding things to talk about… Ding Dong! That’s a sign big enough for him to get it.

Priyanka Mehra, 23

Fitness Trainer, Pune


     Find Me Around!

Remember the time when I came seeking your help, when I could have asked the ‘Real Tech Guy’ in my team, knowing well you wouldn’t have the answer. Or the time I slyly chose to linger around the bar all night at the Company gala, since you were sitting at the bar. Let’s admit that all us girls are guilty of doing these silly little things. But I believe that it’s just an attempt at our end to get noticed. Because being in his constant vicinity gives me a higher probability to be approached by him. And guys say girls don’t know their math! *Inverts Collar*

That’s how it works for me, I handle the math part, hoping he takes care of the chemistry.

Alya Reddy, 26

P.R Manager, Bangalore


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If you like it, I love it!

OMG! Yes, I love Football, am a fan of Avenged Sevenfold & just bought the latest edition of NBA too…. said no girl ever! Ok fine, there are girls who could genuinely be into all these things. But even a guy is smart enough to know that if I’m really showing interest in every hobby or liking of his and making efforts to learn more about them subjects, it’s cause I’m into him and not the subject in question! I am guilty of Googling NASCAR, Dale Steyn, Royal Rumble, Nikola Tesla, McLaren Coupe and a lot more in the name of “Extra Exploratory Research”.*Sigh* The things we do for the quests of heart.

Samaira Kapoor, 23

Law Student, Delhi


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      It’s all in the eyes!

They say, ‘Eyes are a gateway to one’s soul.’ So, imagine how intimidating it is to make an eye contact with someone! And if that someone turns out to be “The One” …. Game Over! I admit getting caught staring his way, more often than the ‘socially stated acceptable staring limit’. But the bonus; if he caught me, that means he must have been staring too. And I usually get all shy and refrain from meeting his gaze on those rare occasions that we come face to face. But if I pull up the courage to look him right in the eye and not leave his gaze, that should be a major sign for him to know that I’m into him.

Ananya Chaturvedi, 27

Accountant, Jaipur


Well gentlemen, there you have it! You couldn’t have asked for anything better than this. These pretty ladies have spoken up and given you the real deal. Remember that a girl is hardly ever upfront about how she feels. We are hardwired that way! But if you pay close attention, there’s a lot happening in the backdrop. You just have to be smart enough to catch those subtle hints and then make the most of it. A Disclaimer though, patience is the key. Don’t rush and take one simple act/ gesture of kindness or friendliness for something entirely different. Look for two or more signs and play along until you’re sure about what’s happening. Take it slow, yet ensure the ball stays in your court. Cause remember guys, “You snooze, you lose!”


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