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The Shirt Fit – Vol III

Your Guide to a Perfect Fitted Shirt: VOL-III

Beside from the shirt placket, most shirts feature a plain front without any additional elements other than chest pockets. Modern shirts sometimes feature darts or decorative stitching, but that’s not classic.

 Informal designShirts that have a pocket on the front side falls under the category of informal shirts.


Formal design: Shirts that have no pockets on the front and have a plain fall, lie under the category of formal shirts.


 Evening and Special Occasions: Some shirts that have detailing not the front such as a tuxedo shirt are shirts that need to be saved for a particular occasion.


Types of cuffs

 French Cuffs– Formal


Barrel cuffs– Classic and Casual

Height of cuffs: Traditional (outdated) cuffs usually sit between 7.5/8cm, whereas contemporary classic cuffs are about 6 cm and anything less is on the more fashionable side.

Length of the shirt

The length of your shirt is just as important as the width, so always remember to keep it in mind.

Shirts need to be long enough to tuck into the waist band of your trousers and stay there even when you’re raising your arms.

Hem of the shirt

1. Classic Hem–  The tail and front hems are longer than the sides, so it doesn’t come untucked during the day. The classic shirt is worn tucked in.

2. Straight Hem– A casual shirt that you can wear untucked on a more relaxed occasion, straight hems are the way to go.


There are three main collar types: Pointed, spread and  button-down. A collar of a shirt is a major component that goes in the making the look of the shirt. There are three main collar types: Pointed, Spread and Button-down.

• A shorter man should prioritise a crisp, streamlined look wherever possible, and thus avoid a button-down in a formal context (unnecessary detail) or a spread collar, as this creates the impression of width rather than height.

• For a guy with a heavier build, we recommend a pointed collar as this can be slimming and flattering for a wider face.

• If you’re the tallest guy in the room, a spread collar might be a good bet as it will create a sense of balance.

Final Word: So these are the elements that you need to keep in mind while looking for a perfect fit. Happy Shopping!

Words By:

Sehaj Arora

Marketing & Content Associate

At Mr Button