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The Shirt Fit – Vol II

Your Guide to a Perfect Fitted Shirt: VOL-II

Some of the key elements that you need to keep in mind before buying a shirt:

Chest: The best shirts allow a full range of motion, fitting comfortably around your chest, across your back, and under your armpits. If you have selected a shirt with a slim cut, it should be comfortable rather than tight.

Shoulders: Check where the sleeve of the shirt attaches to the body. This seam should sit comfortably near to the top of your shoulders; it should not ‘pull’ or billow.

This is what a well fitted shirt looks like.

Collar: This should be comfortable but not roomy. See if you can button it easily and if you can slide two fingers inside: fewer than two and it will be too snug, more than two and it will be too big.

The STRUCTURED FIT sits in between the classic and the slim fit, providing the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style. A slightly tapered silhouette with the waist sometimes in combination with small back darts create a trimmer look than the classic fit that looks good even without a jacket without sacrificing comfort. The armholes are high, the sleeves have some room but are not too wide, and the yoke extends to or just past the shoulder bone.

So these are a few parameters that you need to keep in mind before buying a shirt, because wearing well fitted clothes can take you places.


Words By:

Sehaj Arora

Marketing & Content Associate

At Mr Button