5 Date Ideas for You to Make Her Feel Special!

A Date to Remember?


It is that time of the year and this one goes out to all those who feel the love in the air and would want to make this day a special one for their loved ones, cuz it’s V-Day bro! Come February, and by default it would start reflecting on your feed on all social media platforms. There are so many things that can make this day a memorable one for both you and your lovahhhh. The sole purpose being spending some quality time together. In fact this day can also come in handy and used to finally ask her out on a date, if you haven’t already!

We thought of helping you out here a little with some fun date ideas and what you should be wearing, for you to be able to impress her and also ensure a great time together!

This is what you should be doing!


Travel With Her.

For those of you who have that travel bug that keeps acting up every now and then, what better time than this to take a little break. Book a resort in the countryside and become a tourist with your girl and make memories. What better way than to spend some good time together in an unknown place! Our resident designer looks at this as an opportunity to get your knit cardigan jacket out and put your best foot forward. He says that a knit jacket with a white shirt underneath and trousers would do the trick. Plus you get additional brownie points to be sharp even on a holiday! PS: Don’t forget to pair up the accessories!


Dinner Date.

As cliche as it might sound, this is one of the most effective way of celebrating V Day. Especially because a dinner date can be anything, right from a sophisticated candle light dinner to grabbing a quick bite at your (read: her) favourite fast food joint. However, we would go for the former in this case. Won’t it be great to see your lady love in sky high stilettos and that little red dress (cuz LBD is too mainstream), secretly you’re loving it already! But hey, let’s talk about how you need to ensure that you put in as much effort, if not more, for her as well. How about a velvet blazer with a white shirt and a black pants underneath? That blazer would ensure that she feels that it took you forever to dress up, just like her! You’re welcome for them brownie points!


Get Adventurous.

This one is for all the adrenaline junkies out there who love to live the thrilling life! A bungee jump or maybe a camping weekend in the Himalayan ranges with some electrifying mountain biking. Sounds like a plan? With your sweetheart this is going to be all the more worth it! Just keep your clothes minimal and layer them, just so you can shed them later once the adrenaline has kicked in. Our Style Agents suggest to go for a sweatshirt and joggers cause they are light and perfect to keep you comfortable and your body breathing. Just grab your car keys, some comfy sweatshirts and joggers and get going already!


Netflix & Chill.


Well this one here might not be as tricky as the rest of them when it comes to dressing right. You’re chilling at home, plus you’re probably watching one of her favourite dog movies for which you might be in for a lot of cuddling (keeping a box of tissues with you would be a great idea!). And if you’re lucky enough, she might appreciate the cuddling and decide to stay over, for which we’d recommend you to get your pair of your best boxers on (and a little grooming never hurt no one!). Keep your clothes chill and your spirits high, did we mention a tub of popcorn and a few beers?


Tinder Date.

This Sir, should be played with very carefully. If you’re the one who is exploring options and decide to finally meet the Lady you’ve been talking to for sometime now, you may want to consider keeping it a little casual and relaxed. You don’t want to look over or under dressed. If we were you, then we would surely do a little research on the kind of things your date may be into and then take a call. However, it is always a good idea to stick to a simple light coloured striped shirt and trousers and finish it up with dark brown boots.

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Here’s hoping that you have the best Valentine’s Day with your Lady.

Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON