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The leading Man of 2016

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As the Oscar Mania grips the world and we slowly (read eagerly, read nervously) make our ways to 28th of February, its time I put down my view on this year’s nomination and the whole buzz around the names on the list. Oscar’s pundits are having their share of time with the whole set of predictions and the betting meters are doing an overtime.  Stellar performances by academy favorites like Leonardo Di Caprio, Eddie Redmayne and Matt Damon are ruling the spectrum and Leo just snapped the best actor Trophy for The Revenant at the SAG awards( Golden Globe and BAFTA included) but the biggest question is will he be lucky this year ?

With the odds going in his favor, he might very well be practicing or re-practicing his speech for that night and also on a direct call with Mr. Giorgio Armani for the type of suit he is going to wear on the D-Day. The spoiler in the party can be one life time of a performance by Mr. Michael Fassbender for his sublime portrayal of one of the biggest icons human race ever witnessed, Mr. Steve Jobs. The Academy is a funny set of people, I would say for missing on few of the names who actually deserved a name in the nominations. Mr. Johnny Depp for playing Whitely Bulger and Mr. Tom Hardy for well, The Legend if Mad Max was not a very Academy pleasing plot.  Mr. Hardy gave an excellent performance in The Revenant (nominated for supporting cast) but a near flawless one in The Legend, playing two main heroes in one single movie.

The leading 5 names for this year’s golden girl are all acting powerhouses and have given their bit in order to take away the prestige of Academy awards this 28th. Here are they placed on my radar:

Matt Damon For The Martian


Mr. Matt Damon with Wife in London, 14th February 2016. Photograph by Ian Gavan/Getty Images.

Mr Ridley Scott is a known mastermind and comes out with a 140 minute long masterpiece based on the mystical Red Planet. Matt Damon does justice in this space age slash survivor slash Sci-Fi plot. But will he get the prestige of taking over the best actor? Well we say let the Academy be the judge.  Matt Damon has been there and done it all with an illustrious career spanning more than two decades now but this may be his magnum opus at least if the Academy thinks so.

Eddie Redmayne For The Danish Girl


Mr. Eddie Redmayne and Ms. Hannah Bagshawe in London, 14th February 2016. Photograph by Karwai Tang/Getty Images.

Last year’s Oscar winner Mr.Redmayne is eyeing the golden trophy for the second time and stands a strong chance. The Eton educated lad goes an extra mile this time to play the role of a transgender artist in this period movie set in 1920’s Europe. One of the best dressed men in the modern times, Mr. Redmayne has it all to be only the second performer after Mr. Tom Hanks to take home the golden beauty for two consecutive years. If only the Academy thinks he needs to go in the books of record this year or is it too early for this 34 year old British acting talent.

Michael Fassbender For Steve Jobs


Mr. Michael Fassbender and Ms. Kate Winslet in London, 14th of February 2016. Photograph by Dave Benett/Getty Images.

You can imagine the kind of limelight one can enjoy if he is playing the mercurial Macintosh genius, Mr. Steve Jobs. Think again, yes there is another Jobs biopic but this time done with more gravity and Mr. Fassbender gives a performance of the lifetime. We have known him for playing the whole gamut of roles but this one certainly stands out. Steve Job’s co-founder friend Mr. Steve Wozniak was so elated to see Fassbender playing the pivotal role and has gone out to media stating the power of his performance. Playing a biopic is always a difficult a task but Michael did it with some great justice to the plot. The Academy should clearly consider him for the prestige.

Bryan Cranston For Trumbo


Mr. Bryan Cranston in Los Angeles, 20th February 2016. Photograph by Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images.

I really admire Mr Cranston for the natural presence he exudes in his roles. Playing Walter White in iconic Breaking Bad was his magnum opus but I believe his portrayal of a Blacklisted screen writer in Trumbo goes a notch above and Academy thought the same when they nominated him. A Period Biopic demands some serious research and more than that an adaption of someone whom you have to bring to life on the screen, and Mr. Cranston delivers. Film critics are doing overtime in praising his efforts in the movie and portrayal of a sensitive plot has won him many accolades but let the Academy be the judge. (They are a funny bunch of people, though)

Leonardo DiCaprio For The Revenant


Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio in London, 14th February 2016. Photograph by Samir Hussein/Getty Images.

A Total of Five Nomination by far but always falling short on the D-Day, its DiCaprio’s best shot this time. I know it was also the same last year for his Wolf of Wall Street but this time it’s different. After his winning spree continues on other major Award ceremonies, the golden Girl awaits his grip this 28th. The Academy needs to acknowledge his role of a trapper who goes to an extent to live in a (real) horse carcass and eat raw liver. He had to suffer some real miseries while shooting in the name of authenticity and this is his lucky time. It’s not one of his best performance but the raw and intensely physical plot and his unreal portrayal in the wild standouts in this revenge drama. The beautiful captured movie (maximum in natural light) has been in news for its very popular grizzly bear scene but I believe everything will fall in place once Dicaprio goes onto stage to pick his much awaited and deserved Oscar for the leading man. Who will be presenting it to him should be an interesting sight. Go Leo go.

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Words by Mr Akshat Singh, The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON