Probably The Best TV Show Of Our Times.

24 is India's answer to new age television programming.

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After two years of hiatus, the Indian rendition of 24 is set to hit the television today. The ever young Mr. Anil Kapoor is looking crisp in his pivotal role of anti terrorist unit’s Jai Singh Rathore. Season 2 is touted to bring in more fast paced action with a gripping central plot and will ensure that we are hooked to our TV’s on Saturday nights.


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24 is a proud moment for Indian TV. We mean it to the core as it came in to break the long running reign of tedious saas-bahu dramas, tacky reality shows and tasteless tirade of comedy shows which have been plaguing our TV time. We have been wondering why the Indian TV with its huge budgets and a capable line of production houses, was not able to churn out one single show which can be placed in lines with western TV shows. Mr Anil Kapoor is one man who is bringing in that change and how. A strong plot, an even stronger cast of co-actors and a Hollywood standard cinematography makes it the best TV show of all time to be broadcasted on Indian airtime. Season 1 of the show has already set a new benchmark on every aspect of television storytelling with supreme lighting, which is dark gold and shadowed. The dialogue delivery is very real and happens with no drama (such a relief) and the story is full of fast paced twists.


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Season 2 is stated to be bigger and badder from its first version and we can’t be more excited. The second season called Day 2, is sporting a new cast line with ladies like Sakshi Tanwar and sultry siren Surween Chawla in central roles and are supported by veterans like Ashish Vidhyarthi and Harsh Chayya. The plot is around a nasty virus attack on Mumbai with more twists and turns than expected. Anil Kapoor is completely killing the character of an alcoholic to coo who is battling his past. The badass look as seen on the posters is enough to give us all some serious swag goals and we are hoping that the show will continue it’s legacy of being the best TV show of our generation. The show starts tonite on Colors and we request you to forego your regular Saturday shenanigans to witness the show which is rated 8.3 by IMDB. For the time being, we think Saturday needs to arrive sooner than it does!


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Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON