Printed Blazers to Strike Sartorial Gold. 

Say Hello to Mr. Brightside. 

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We harbour high level of respect for audacious men. The clan of men who love going bold with their clothing styles and are confident in their own skin. Such is our new character, Mr. Brightside. He is the one who loves mixing colours with dark hues and knows his game very well. A primary undercurrent of the new collection is a slew of printed or patterned blazers for some bold and maverick sartorial moments. It’s time we go all guns out with some prints on our blazers and break the monotony of dark and sombre blazers ruling Menswear spectrum since long.

Recent runaways were centred around printed blazers and this reflects how menswear is embracing a bolder and quirkier approach to a serious piece such as a Blazer. There are myriad of prints with subtle motifs to overall big prints to plaids or checkered prints which have been in and off the Menswear circuit. The wind of change can also be seen in the new collection and we came out with a bevy of printed or patterned blazers for the new man. Hereby we extol the virtues of 5 of our best printed blazers for this season.


The Riviera Honcho Printed Blazer


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Cut on a twill cotton base, this anchor printed blazer is all you need to bring out your inner nautical vibes. Mr. Brightside loves mixing summery prints or patterns with dark winter fabrics to keep things calm and balanced. This blazer can be styled nicely with your white tees for a more casual approach or just club it with a dark turtle neck pullover for a Casanova turned bad boy look at the club or your evening commitments.


The Scottish Patron Plaid Blazer


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Our love affair with plaid prints or pattern continues even on our blazer. This one here is an example of that affair and we are going very strong. Plaid has always been on the spectrum for it’s masculine vibe and sheer innovation it brings to the whole outfit. Moreover plaid is a quick and fail safe method to bring some visual charisma to your wardrobe. A plaid blazer like this one is sure power. Keep your other pieces neutral and let the world take note of your audacity. Your girlfriend will adore you, your peers will appreciate you and you may thank us later for this.


The Enchanting Charlotte Cotton Blazer

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This blazer here is all about sex-appeal (and probable repercussions it may entail). Without mincing words, this wine coloured self patterned blazer is everything you need for this festive slash holiday season. The warm colour is cold weather appropriate and the subtle print will add certain dash to your whole look. Wear this to your friend’s cocktail event or simply wear it to day time brunch with your friend. The dark hue will let you wear this to the Sunday night clubbing where you know you should straight head to the V.I.P


The Naval Insignia Cotton Blazer


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This blazer is one for the boldest of bold around. The sharp stripes of this blazer will give you enough ammunition and power to dominate winter day time soirees. Club it with neutrals like blues or whites and you are ready to slay one of the biggest menswear trend in recent times. Stripes of different forms have been making round on the runaways and we thought of having our own rendition of this  robust Menswear print. Pack this one, next time you cruising to a beach destination and get ready to be applauded for your choice of weapon.


 The Starry Feast Cotton Blazer

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We have developed a strong penchant for Double Breasted Blazers over all these years. It is part powerful part dandy and total torso flattering. Mr. Brightside is all about going large with prints and what could have been a fail safe pattern than small polka dots. One of the biggest print pattern, this is your free pass to any club or party in the town. When clubbed with white trousers, this will make for a lovely outfit for all those destination wedding events during day time. Don’t forget to have your wayfarers or clubmasters handy and take tasteful sips (not swigs) on the free flowing white wine. Shutterbugs ahead, so act accordingly.


Final Word-

A Printed blazer is a bold move and sometimes the classic cut of the blazer is dominated by the print, therefore choose your patterns wisely. Always remember to keep other pieces to be toned down so that they don’t clash with the print. One word of advice- approach with confidence as a printed blazer requires more than normal penchant to boast it’s virtues. All the best.


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON