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Plaid Suits are a Lady’s Favourite

Get Plaids Straight!


There’s something about plaid suits that just can’t go unnoticed. These deserve to get a little extra attention purely because they have bold smeared all over them!

Dressing in a complete plaid suit can be a little tricky, but if done right, there is no better way to arrive at work or for a casual day with your mates in plaid. We aren’t only talking about announcing yourself in a three piece plaid suit, but it is a good idea to add some plaid element to your outfit. That will instantly amp up your style game!


For that checkmate factor, we have launched a Limited Edition collection at the Noida Guideshop which has all things plaid! These styles and fabrics are exclusively available only at the Guideshop. It’s time to get your plaids straight and we tell you how!

Our in-house mates, story teller, Akshat, and resident hippie, Nitish, decided to experiment with the Limited Edition pieces and how! This is going to be big and they are clearly slaying it!


This one happens to be a favourite at the HQ because of the sharpness that the fabric boasts of! The colour works extremely well for people who don’t know where to start experimenting with plaids. This is your cue mate! Get the plaid streak going! Wear only the waistcoat or the blazer with your crisp white shirt and black trousers. You’re welcome for the eyes that are going to follow you everywhere (in appreciation of course).


The beige one is for the experimental side of you. The all season fabric and colour will be your best friend and get you through all the commitments that you may have rather smoothly. You need not worry about anything else, Sir, we’ve got you covered at all times!

We told you that the Gurgaon Guideshop has more to offer than just sharp styles. We introduce ‘Made to Measure’ where your styles will be made exclusively for you! Your quest for the perfect fitted suit is over, my friend!


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Words by:

Aparna Chopra

Marketing & Content Associate

At Mr Button