Pink for Men? Hell Yea!

Everything you need to know about wearing the “It” colour of the moment.

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How often do you get your navy pants or your blue linen shirt out from your wardrobe? Rarely does it stay inside, I’m guessing. Well now you should probably let them take a back seat. I’m sure you have heard the most cliche statement where somecolour is always the new black? I would like to break to you that however much I may stress on this underrated colour, pink is not the new black,(Black is BLACK! Right?) but it surely is enjoying some prime time with men worldwide.

Let’s go back to the colour which has been a highly underused one for a long time now. Okay so before we go further, let me clarify what pink we are talking about, we do not mean the bright neon pink or the kind of pink that would give the person looking at you a headache! We are talking about the light hues of pink say a salmon coloured shirt or for that matter go back to Leonardo DiCaprio’s pink suit in Gatsby! That’s the right kinda pink.

Pink is quite a masculine colour against popular belief and can work wonders. However we do agree that it needs to be styled well and carried with confidence. We know YOU can pull it off. In fact the kind of colour pink is, it will probably go with most of the styles you already have in your wardrobe. Depending on the shade of pink, it can easily be paired with whites, blacks, beige, navy blue and a few neutral colours.

Our Editors have picked a few hot picks (read: HOT PINKS) that you could consider styling yourself in.


The Mellifluous Maria Cotton Blazer And The Cherry Blossom Cotton Trousers

Pink suit

For all you Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) lovaahs. Here’s the kinda suit he wore. The key to rocking a pink suit would be to preferably wear a white shirt with it keeping accessories and shoes minimal. Do not add too many details because it is the pink you would want to emphasise on. The suit would do well for a day time event and would work equally well in the PM too.


The Cute Hustler T-Shirt

mr button t-shirt

This one would be a safer option to go for when you want to wear pink and at the same time not grab too much attention to it. The black leather detailing breaks the colour and at the same time ensures that the pink stands out. This is probably as light as you can go with the colour and wearing it with black joggers or pants would be the best thing to do. However we would appreciate it if you feel like experimenting!


The Peachy Alice Cotton Jacket

nehru jacket

A Nehru jacket is a menswear essential these days. You would want to have a few in your wardrobe. One way of wearing pink when you are not sure about it would be by wearing a Nehru in this colour. This could be paired with navy or black trousers along with a white shirt underneath. You could also wear it with a navy or a black shirt if you feel like upping your style game.


The Sweet Liar Chambray Shirt

Mr button shirt

A crisp pink shirt is more than just an addition to your wardrobe. This one can be paired with navy or black trousers. If you feel like it, wear with your white linen pants and roll the sleeves to get a casual look for the weekend. Feel out of the box? Try this shirt with shorts that would keep you at the top of your game.


Final Word

The versatility of this colour is a reason enough for you to ensure that you have a few pinks in your wardrobe. Make sure you don’t shy from experimenting with pink because there is no reason why you should!


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Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON