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We highly recommend watching Silicon Valley, if infinite insight appeals to you.

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Tragedy has struck us. Game of Thrones ended, and if you’re one of those people whose entire week was geared towards that one glorious hour on Monday, surviving the depressing toil of life as a civilian only to find euphoria during that one hour on that sweet Monday every week, you’re probably heartbroken and grieving. Grieving is a process, don’t worry. And we did come up with a plan to get you moving.

Also, if you’re one of those people who doesn’t understand what the whole fuss is about, our plan gives you the perfect way to continue to not care, with a grin that just got wider. Here’s why we think you should jump on board: while escaping into the comfortable realms of an alternate reality can be exciting in all kinds of jaw dropping ways, we now offer you a plunge into some stark realism and claim that jaws will still drop. Don’t be afraid. It’s still just a TV show. That we adore. It’s called Silicon Valley, and it’s got a lot to show you. If you’re willing to look, that is.


A dangerously accurate parody on the culture that is Silicon Valley and startups in general, the show spills the beans on so many of the little things that a small but aiming-for-the-stars startup, giddy on hope and consumed by the prospect of gigantic greatness is composed of. Perhaps that’s exactly what it takes to aim like that, every little quirk indisposable. And these places, let’s face it, are all around us. You may be a part of something similar, you may see people from your big-faced-big-office organization dropping off to go reinvent life at a similar place by the dozens. You can’t get away from it. Makes sense to have a sense of how things are, doesn’t it.

“I live it every week. We cannot take ourselves too seriously,” stated Silicon Valley venture capitalist Barry Schuler, former CEO of America Online about the show.

There’s a bunch of types you’ll meet on the show.

The Boys, unaware of everything besides the idea they came up with, mostly surprised it caught the eyeballs it did. They’re friends with each other, but these new possibilities to fly mean some things may not stay exactly the same. They’re figuring some stuff as they go, stumbling upon giant realisations other times. All with a staggering frequency. Changing by the hour, thank god for that IQ they came with. Some shoes to be in!


The CEO’s, seasoned players with god-sized, magnified quirks: absolutely essential to the things they can do, the things that got them where they are. Unstable to state the least, immensely powerful to state the obvious. They’re looking everywhere all the time and they do know what you want. They know all kinds of things about you.

The Self Appointed Gurus, The mind boggling possibilities at Silicon Valley mean there’s a huge bunch of optimists trying their luck, obviously. Not all will make it big, obviously. There’s room for everyone, though. Self appointed gurus find the new and the impressionable, possible stars. They’re full of the things success (the success they could have had, if fate/the moral high ground/just the inner voice/vultures in this world hadn’t snatched it away from their naive hands) is made up of. They offer priceless guidance borne from real time experience for a fair share in any stardom they motivate. Fair enough?


The Counterparts, Flashy poster boys who were swaggy enough to land jobs at the MNC’s that rule the world. They’ve been as big themselves ever since, they’ve decided. Comfortable in the roles they’ve acquired and well tuned with power and dominance, they’re never going to lack confidence in their lives again. They do know how to scrape the world around them. For people to bully, for mannerisms to acquire, for ideas that may change the world. They scrape, and then they do whatever is in their power for a lofty bite.

That’s just a little bit, of course. Dive in for much more!

Words by Neha Panday
Brand Manager at  MR BUTTON