Nehrus That Speak Volumes


Nehru’s claim fame that can’t be questioned, they’re lightweight and command suited up elegance at the same time in a way nothing else does. You can comfortably sport a Nehru with casuals to take casual dressing to its sharpest best, or wear them with formals to achieve accuracy that will not disappoint. The possibilities are vast and certainly need to be explored!

Navy is a color that has no competition, and ignoring Navy while putting together your wardrobe is a heinous, heinous crime, to say the very least. It’s the all season, all time, all occasion, all skin tones, all body types success story.

Now combine Navy and Nehru’s, and you’ve got yourself a killer combination. You’re layering like a pro, and there’s simply no question of getting it wrong. We’ve put together three completely unique ways you can sport Navy Nehru’s, that are different but equally powerful. Here goes!


The Serious Song
For serious occasions where there’s certainly no room for error, the right Navy Nehru could be the one piece that carries your whole look to new heights in refined, modern dressing. Wear a classic shade like white or black underneath, and let the Nehru take charge.



The Printed Premise
If you’ve got a thing for playfulness, and you’re ready to include some play in what you wear, we’ve got just the thing for you. A Navy Nehru with a docile, all over print is a great way to step into some fun. Pair with a contrast shirt and you’re an all new kind of interesting!



The Casual Citing
There are times when you’re in the mood to simplify. When you’re going to be comfortable in nothing but your favourite tee and your favourite trousers, and you’re set on wearing them in contrast (but complementary) colors. Add a Navy Nehru to retain the comfort you’re obsessing over, and add some sharp boundaries at the same time.