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Night time is the best time!

Nocturnal Instinct is a Winner!


There is something in the night. The rush, the chill, the mystery, the charisma and that certain high adds to the beauty of the night. The inner demons come out to dance once the darkness falls. Don’t you get triggered as the sun sets? The adrenaline is on it’s highest, fuelled by spirits of the night and certain chemical fluctuations in your blood stream. The drinks, the people (ladies to be precise) and the music is better and bigger during these dark hours of the night. Colours get illuminated by the city lights and that blur in your sight makes them more fancy, more surreal.

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Why do we love the night time? Or do we fear the day light? The answer to this is a bit tricky but let’s assume, the darkness of the night gives us the liberty to be ourselves. We come out of our comfort zone and achieve things once it’s dark. Lot of man hours later, science has also substantially proved that people who are inclined towards their goals in the night time are more productive and successful in the later run.

The essence of the night and it’s celebrations were the driving force behind our new collection, The Nocturnal. The spirits of the night and the sense of achieving during the dark hours kept our passion on top gears. The campaign was shot in the night to capture maximum that the night has to offer. We introduced velvet bombers and dinner jackets for the first time and they truly say our minds. Velvet in hues of burgundy and aqua blues are meant for a night out of debauchery with downright elegance. There are black Sweatshirts with prints to mark the outset of night and what it offers to a man. We have also included couple of plaid suits for the power and authority of a man who knows what he wants from the night. The colour scheme is inspired by the city lights but major styles carry black as the major backdrop.

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Nocturnal is not a state of mind but it’s a lifestyle, it’s a way of living your life and achieving what you want to achieve. Night knows your story and beckons to create newer ones. We at Mr Button, believe in the power of after hours and what it entails. The feeling of that rush, that all-pervading power of the darkness, will guide us to our goals. After all, the dark of your mind knows more than you would ever imagine about yourself. It’s time to unleash that side, we call it the Nocturnal Side. It’s time to #StayNocturnal.


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Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON