The new way to style your T-Shirt.

The return of the t-shirt tucks!

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There is a sudden surge of a style move with t-shirts worldwide. This rise is quite a controversial one and is considered to be a fad. Well actually you did this when your mom used to dress you up for your birthday parties in third grade. You would most probably see your dad doing it right now. Dear Sir, we are talking about the comeback of the t-shirt tuck. It’s actually the most talked about style move, endorsed by style rebels everywhere. Fret not; we are not talking about you wearing it like it is done by our dads. There is always a right way and the wrong way of any comeback styling trick. Let’s see the wrong way first.


Mr. Barrack Obama


We know he was the greatest president of all times but here he went wrong with his tuck. His tee is too plain, his trousers too baggy. Let’s forgive him once for this and see the brighter side of his career.

A T-Shirt tuck is the quickest way of crisping up your rather mundane look. The best way is to wear it with full tuck in your denims or high waisted trousers. The whole point is to look confident and purposeful in the tuck. It simply means that you should look all put together with a crisp tuck and not something done casually. People should know that you have done it and not that you were like a confused kid in a topless bar.

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the men who got this tuck all right.


Mr. Ryan Gosling 


A menswear gem, Mr. Gosling is doing the half tuck with much efficacy. The belt is providing a nice break and the half-tuck is so “don’t mess with me”. Well sculpted arms and a boyish charm will equally add to the whole look.


Mr. James Dean


One of our all time favourite style icons, Mr. Dean almost invented the T-Shirt in cinemas and he goddamn tucked in. The tuck was very much valid back in days if Dean was doing it like this.


A$AP Rocky


Alleged to be the most stylish man on the planet right now, Rocky does the trick and throws a layer on top of it. A very streamlined way of sharpening your whole look, a tuck underneath your jacket or blazer is part sophistication, part badass. Try this next time you’re wearing your blazer and ditch the shirt for a basic round neck t-shirt tucked in neatly.


Mr. David Gandy


The alpha male model of the World and a British pride, Mr. Gandy is probably the biggest advocate and practitioner of the T-shirt tuck. Seen here in a basic white t-shirt which fits him like a dream and FTW tuck. A well chiseled torso compliments the tucked in T-shirt as it fits on your right parts with maximum effect. Time to renew your gym membership.


Mr. Milo Ventimiglia


Look at this picture and make notes on how to pull the half tuck with expert level effects. Mr. Ventimiglia walks the red carpet like he owns it and why not? With a t-shirt, dark denims and a heavy boot, that half tuck is so apt. Notice how the chunky buckle of his belt is stealing some lime light. Good brothers, a lesson on how to do it right!




The Atlanta based hit machine and our personal favourite, Future tucks in his Givenchy T-shirt in a pair of ripped denims. Our Style Agents cannot be more impressed with this look. The inclusion of a belt is very much welcomed and it gives a more refined look. We are surely trying it.


Final Word

There are millions of ways to style up your daily styles but there is nothing simpler than tucking your T-shirt. We have seen how style rebels are doing their trick and it’s high time we considered this to be a mainstream method of taking our style game up a couple of notches. It’s easy and no brainer so why the hell not?


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON