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Nehru Jackets to Ace the Wedding Season.

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We know that wedding season is here and irrespective of whether it’s your or your best mate’s wedding, you would want to have your best foot forward (also because you might be the best man). It is never an easy task to decide what to wear on weddings (who said guys have it easy?). It just gets worse when you have a Big Fat Indian Wedding to attend with the never ending ceremonies. What do you do then? Read on to find out!

There is a certain dress code which you could follow when it comes to having the perfect outfit for the various wedding ceremonies, right from the engagement to the cocktail all the way through the wedding! Depending on the place and time of the ceremonies, you could decide whether to wear a Nehru Jacket or a Tuxedo. And mate if you have an Engagement or a Cocktail to attend, then we have just the thing you would need.


Takeaway: Nehru Jackets will always come to your rescue!


Pick: The Cool Moss Suede Jacket

MR-BUTTON nehru jacket brown

For: The Engagement

Why: This suede Nehru Jacket will make for the perfect outfit for your mate’s engagement. Pair this with a white band collar shirt and throw in a pair of dark trousers in a colour of your choice and you are sorted. You could consider adding a satin pocket square to lift your outfit. With this outfit you are dressed perfectly for the occasion!


Pick: The Noir Dream Suede Jacket

MR-BUTTONnehru jacket black

For: The Cocktail

Why: A black suede Nehru Jacket is just the thing you need for the cocktail where you intend to impress the high school friend you’ve not met in a long time. This is the time to make sure you cast the best impression, and this Nehru jacket will do nothing but that. We would pair this with rust or wine trousers to add maximum impact. You’re most welcome!


Pick: The Charismatic Wanderer Cotton Jacket

MR-BUTTON nehru jacket orange

For: The Engagement

Why: We all know that the engagement tends to be an event where you can do without a tux or a blazer. However, wearing it is important that you pick something which is dressy enough for the occasion. This Nehru Jacket in rust with the blue patch detailing will add just the right amount of element you want. Pairing it with dark trousers is a good idea!


Pick: The Musty Cognac Suede Jacket

MR-BUTTON nehru jacket wine

For: The Cocktail

Why: This one’s probably one ceremony that not only sounds good but is the reason why we don’t mind weddings (unless it is yours, which might give you jitters too). Dressing up for a cocktail is comparatively easy as you can get away with a sharp Nehru Jacket such as this one. We recommend the colour wine (also the drink) for this season. Pairing with navy or black trousers for the night is the way to go!


Pick: The Peachy Alice Cotton Jacket

MR-BUTTON nehru jacket pink

For: The Engagement

Why: With one of the most trending colour this season, you can never go wrong! You may want to keep it minimal and this Nehru Jacket makes that possible. Opting for a white shirt and navy trousers will give the colour the due attention it deserves. Get ready to make a bold statement with this one bro. Ready, set, GO!


Final Word.

A Nehru Jacket, if worn correctly, is all that you need this wedding season. One should however consider where the ceremony is and what time of the day to pick the perfect Nehru Jacket.

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Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON