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Why Hip-Hop’s new prince can be the next King.

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Into the Future!!

Not many of us will have any idea on who the fuck is NayvadiusDeMun Wilburn. Hip-Hop’s new prince, Future does not need any introduction. In a short career of six years, the Atlanta based artist has carved a new place for himself and has gone on to rule all the charts worldwide. One of the biggest advocates of Auto-tune and probably one of the best artist to use it in order to gain popularity, Future is distinctive with his almost robot like vocals. The fresh take on a rapper’s vocals is refreshing and so is his off- the stage style quotient.  Future’s third studio album, DS2 debuted at number one in the US Billboard 200 and he has never settled since then. A great collaboration with Rap’s current King Drake, gives Future the best playground to spread his powers and in a very quick time, he sees himself to be considered as one of the best of modern times. Everyone from The Weeknd, Rihanna, Diplo, Lil Wayne and many more are going into studios to record a track with him.

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Future’s personal style is worth a discussion or two and something which is very hip-hop like, but with an edge and some downright swagger.  GQ has already crowned him to be the most stylish men due to his effortlessly cool inculcation of accessories in his style. Mostly spotted in wide brimmed hats which were once considered geezer stuff, is now music’s most sought after style item. Future knows how to play his style game like no one else and his moves are now lessons on how to kill street style with some wit. Very clever mixing of gold chains and rings are noteworthy and his Instagram account with 6.7 million followers are witness to each of his style moves  which are bombarded with countless likes.

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Future is bent on shaking things live from the Studios and through his music and by his very cool sense of style which ensures that he is one of the most clicked person wherever he goes. The Hip- Hop’s next King is screaming for your attention. Are you listening?

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Our Style Director’s tip to steal from Future:  Wide Brimmed Hats and Signet Rings.

Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON