Mr Button Trend Report.

Your Guide to Men’s Fashion This Season.


The Editors at Mr Button ensure that they keep a close tab on everything that’s spotted in the Fashion Capital. We break the fresh trends that are emerging, right before they become bigger! Here’s what you should be wearing this season.


Grey And All Colours Gloomy

grey trend

London Collection Men, a.k.a LCM, saw it’s own colour palette mostly comprising of colours that will take you back to an overcast day. Greys have been dominating our wardrobes ever since we saw them trending on the runway. The palette reminded us of the Great British weather (keeping aside #Brexit). It is a good idea for you to keep your outfit dark and grey and add a little splash of colour every now and then. Even though we are sure that you have a handful of greys on your plate, we’d still recommend you to stock on some more because from where we see it, greys are here to stay.

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Joggers To Keep You Comfortable.

jogger trend

Changing trends demand giving way to clothing in ways we always thought should happen. For now we have joggers to the rescue! Them, being the most prudent, have given us the perfect alternative to chinos which in no time will become your summer favourite too (we’re already going all out for them!). If you haven’t heard enough about joggers, you need to know that these are the ones that will never ever let you down, specially with the kind of comfort and fit they have to offer. They have redefined casual clothing for us thanks to the SS16 collection. Highly highly recommended by the Editors at Mr Button!

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Prints are your way to go!

print trend

If you’re the one who likes to keep up with what’s happening in the fashion world, you may have noticed that printed shirts are what every man on the red carpet is wearing. Right from Gucci’s SS16 collection to Shahid Kapoor at the GQ party, prints are everywhere! So why shall you not own a few mate? The only thing you need to keep in mind when wearing a printed shirt is to keep everything else comparatively simple. So pair a print with solid colours to make it pop. Yep, That’s all. It was that simple! There is no reason why you should refrain yourself from wearing a shirt that talks volumes about your personal style!

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A Backpack That You Can Carry To Work!

bagpack trend

Even GQ agrees when we say that the backpack revolution has begun! A backpack is that classic piece of accessory that has had it’s own fair share in the fashion world for the longest time, right now being the most sought after! Out of all the bags, be it your favourite duffel or a briefcase or even that perfect messenger bag that you own, backpacks are the most comfortable to carry! You don’t have to juggle your coffee along with other things you carry to work anymore! Styling backpacks is the easiest thing to do! They work beautifully with your shirts or denims and matching it with your outfit should be the least of your worries! Weekend brunch or casual Friday’s at work, this works for both!

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Shorts That are Not Too Short!

shorts trend

There is no denying that shorts are #CurrentlyTrending and are apt for this season. With the rising temperature, men are always looking at wearing something that’s more comfortable and breathable. This season demands keeping shorts as a part of your fashion wardrobe and add to your style quotient. Shorts are the next big thing and we can say that with certainty because of it being a designer’s favourite on the runway for the SS16 preview. The length of the shorts is equally important. We spotted some knee length ones which work perfectly with casual polo t-shirts and even a henley!

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Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON