Yes Sir, It’s the Henley Shirt



We men are bit confused when it comes to our clothing choices. Seldom have we referred to our ladies to take their opinion on what to wear and how to style it. I will take this liberty to confess that our sweethearts sometime (yes) are so good when they suggest us to wear something which we think is not appropriate. Never underestimate their foresight, I am telling ya all.

The one thing women want us to wear right away is a Henley T-shirt. Yes you heard me right. This is one t-shirt which screams for ‘timeless’ tag and been there since long. Yet it’s also a style that is both underrated and less utilized as a casual wardrobe necessity. Known to give you a sex appeal in a short time (Now you listening!!), ladies love this on you due to its figure flattering fall and its option to unbutton the placket at your (or their) whims and fancies (ha-ha). Summers are the best time to flaunt these old school yet stylish wonders when you want to wear something which exhibits your biceps and has a clean fall around your toned waist. This one is certainly a boon for all the lads who are toiling it hard at the gym. Long associated with likes of lumberjacks and old farm boys, the newer and slicker version is equally flattering on men with some extra pounds here and there.

Styling this cool piece is of utmost importance and shall certainly add to its overall presence. Try one of yours on slim fit denim or flat front trousers (roll the cuffs) and you are ready for some cool off-duty vibes. Slip this one with a slim cut blazer and you are ready with that Business class appropriate feel and try it on when you flying next time to New York or London Or Tokyo for your annual financial meet.

Women dig a well chiseled man who spent his time at Gym and comes out all fresh and ready for a long night at the tony downtown club. A Henley is bound to increase your appeal by notches as it has the tendency of fitting you at the right places. I highly recommend these 3  Henley T-shirt from Mr Button’s Sharp collection.


The Perky Emelda Henley T-shirt
Let’s start with the virtuous of a basic Henley in menswear’s most versatile color: Blue. The Detail at the placket is to infuse some extra zing and that element of surprise for your ladies. Jokes apart, the color will allow you to mix it with almost any colors in your wardrobe. Your usual stroll to the super market should not be in your oversized t-shirt and Pyjama pants but maybe something sharp and classic like this.


The Graphite Life T-shirt
We combined the classic appeal of a Henley and Raglan Sleeve into one and what you get is an instant winner. This modern avatar of Henley is sure to make some off-duty brownie points. The leather tab at the bottom is made to get the talking started when you walk into a house party. Tell the cuties that this is to portray your membership in a secret society, or you belong to a brotherhood or whatever you think will help you to get the conversion going. Ladies love a storyteller, what is stopping you now?


The Basic Grunge T-shirt
Do you really want me to write about the most powerful yet basic colored Henley you can wear?


The summer is all about making a sexy appearance and this is my official request that you give your other beloved Polos and t-shirts a sabbatical and let the Henley take over. Just ensure that you are ready for that extra attention from the cute girl in that all girls gang at the bar. You will like it, yes you will.


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON