Men at Mr Button | The Real Men & their Style.

Hey There. If you’re reading this, we declare no disposition on your awareness of Men at Mr Button and what it is about. Fair, Isn’t that right? But let’s begin from scratch, even if you do. And since this is the bear-all version, we’d like to take the long route and give you the entire, full-length account. It’s far away from dull, we assure you! Lets roll.

We’ve come a long way at Mr Button. We spend each day trying to create things that feel absolutely right, never settling for any less. How do we go about ‘right’? We think of the men we want to see around us. Men who own a thoughtful take on what they wear. The men unbound by stereotypes that presume they need to be a carefully prescribed degree of ‘unbothered’ by what they wear and how they look, that anything more than that calculated ‘unbothered’ is less ‘manly’. Well, a resounding no to that. There is no good reason to preserve ‘forced unbothered’, defeats the entire purpose of the ‘unbothered’ we began to look up to in the first place when it is enforced with a whole lot of pressure. (Sensing the irony?) There’s simply no reason to hold on to that. We want to see men dress like the sharp go getters they know themselves to be on the inside, and nothing less. When achieving the things they achieve doesn’t come easy, it is only fitting (pun intended) for them to look and feel the part, right? We want to see them discover fit, discover color, discover the fearlessness to claim. That’s where the real men who live the part come in. They give all of what we do that defining validation, by being the men who can pull it off.

With Men at Mr Button, we hope to celebrate the men who are on board, who have the steam to be the most polished versions of themselves and claim their right to express it. Each addition feels just grand. It’s like the coming together of an army of men with a common vision. Possibly with a unique form of expression each time of course, but intact in spirit. To watch that happen charges us up no end and makes us proud, to say the least. Each addition matters, and each addition is a celebration.

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