Your March Goals

10 Style Essentials you need to wear now. Including styles from the new collection.

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It’s March and we are on the verge of welcoming the long, tough and punishing great Indian summers. The first few days of the month will still let you wear some layers and you can manage a sweat less appearance (God bless the creator of temperature control). For some layers fanatic it’s the last time before they could shift their inclination to much more cooler or minimal layers. The short span of spring is blessing for gents like me who would like to announce themselves in a linen jacket or a nylon/ silk Bomber jacket. The time is perfect to announce the advent of the Spring/Summer Collection from Mr Button. Here are few of the essentials to make your way through March and to announce the advent of summers.


The Navy Breeze Formal Blazer

As long as I can remember, I have always preached inculcation of a Navy Blazer. This season we bring a great blazer with white edging to give it a more relaxed and “You may take me from office to club’’ feel. Match this one up like a suit for those summer weddings or go solo with a pastel shade trouser. A prim watch and spiffy boat shoes will only add some glam quotient. Shop Now.


The Nugget Gold Linen Jacket

People have continuously poured in their concerns about wearing a jacket in ‘’ The Great Indian Summers’’. The humid and sweat propelling summers are not at all the right season to wear these so called summer jackets. Do we listen to these entire jib jab? Off course we do and that’s why we create summer appropriate jackets like this one in linen. The cool and light weight of the fabric makes it easy for everyone to channel this extra layer. Team it up with some bright and summer friendly colours or keep it neutral. The summers should not be considered a bottleneck for layering and wear these to lazy afternoon gatherings when the sun comes out to dance. Thank god you have this jacket and some home-made, frozen Ginger Ale to challenge the heat. Shop Now.


The Cerulean Dream Chambray Shirt

Probably the best shirt you will ever wear this summer (I can bet that), the lightweight and super fly chambray shirt should be your best go-to option for your off-duty needs. The micro collar design and the leather tab are just to add some extra flair to this all-time classic fabric. Throw it on your staple V-neck t-shirt and wear it all opened or go smart casual by wearing it tucked in on a beige trouser. Meeting your girlfriend and her mother on a lunch? Fret not and go for this supreme shirt. Did you say your would be Mother in law doubts your dressing style? Shop Now.


 The Tricky Man Polo T-shirt

Most of Men are too reserved and conservative when it comes to employing some colours in their sartorial pack. It’s relatively easy to stock up styles in neutral hues like black, navy and whites but its high time you need to get some colours in your wardrobe. Now, before you start your rant on anything more colourful than blue, consider this T- Shirt in bright Mustard once. Probably the most brightest of colours for men, yellow is a statement colour and should be used sparingly with something more neutral. This one here has been given leather trims to make it more acceptable and also to make you a double rebel (you already are a rebel once you decided to go for this). Your girlfriend will be the happiest soul as you finally have brought some colours in your wardrobe. Your male friends will respect you for this choice and even if they don’t get this colour’s power, let them ponder over it. You may now enjoy some sartorial power packed moments. Shop Now.


The Relaxed Simon Linen Trouser

This one is maybe the most controversial trouser silhouette from Mr Button in recent times. The idea behind a relaxed trouser is to break free from the clan of men who advocate slim fits.  We thought of presenting something which has structure to it but is not cut like a slim trousers. This relaxed linen trouser is to bring out your inner bohemian stride. Pair this smartly with a Crisp T-shirt or a slim fit button down shirt and you are ready to preach the efficacy of these trousers to much arrogant coterie of men who have been wearing slim or skinny fits. A slick pair of sneakers will also go a long way in making this look worthy enough for discussion amongst your friends from the Gymkhana. Shop Now.


The Dirty Alex Biker Jacket

A timeless and an essential part of your wardrobe, this suede biker jacket in tan should be your favourite downtime layering option. The cool finish of suede will keep your inner temperature in control while the temperature outside can go haywire just coz of this super-hot jacket. Take it to the airport next time when you flying off to St. Tropez for one of those first summer parties you love frequenting. Airports are much cooler ( God knows the reason) and this will be your best option for a stylish check-in. Maybe an upgrade to first class is very much plausible. Shop Now.


The Glib Armada Linen Shirt

I Love Half Sleeve Shirts and my love grow stronger when it’s a linen shirt. Yes, linen will be the best fabric option in the times to come and you may consider it to be the fabric of this summer. The Khaki colour will let you match this with all your navy chinos and you may also go full commando with this on your ripped jeans. The double leather stripe patch on the chest is to make things a bit edgy and you may take this as your ticket to break some norms of wearing the half sleeve shirt. Go on and keep things sharp by pulling up your favourite summer sneakers with this shirt. Shop Now.


The Radical Mike Cotton Shirt

If there is anything which has stayed in men’s fashion spectrum for long then it’s the plaid shirt. From being the favourite of style icons like James Dean to seminal bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, this shirt has been there and done it all. Our take on this all-time outdoor favourite pattern is done on dark hue of blue and is cut on soft mercerised cotton. Pair these with pastel shades of summer chinos next time you are meeting your friends at the arcade or wear it on your favourite washed denims when you going to movies with your sweetheart or (sweethearts). Shop Now.


 The Abbey Road Studio Formal Trousers

Summers give you so many avenues to wear something tailored and yet be breezy. For instance take these ultra-cool pair of trousers in off white. Wear this on any dark coloured shirts and you are good to be included in the list of summer dandies. It may also be a good idea to introduce this colour at your workplace. Wear it on a Wednesday or a Thursday when you plan to go out after work and club this on a dark coloured shirt. Match them up with dark coloured brogues and you are ready to be the winner at Thursday night Karaoke at the pub. Shop Now.


The Southampton Chap Cotton Trousers

This Dark Grey Check patterned trouser is your ultimate ticket to smarten up your off-duty ensembles. A trouser like this gives you ample combinations to try out and you can make it all effortless by pairing them with something neutral and basic. Wear it with anything from polos to denim shirt. Just don’t go with another pattern while selecting your tops or you may look like someone who has gone way too hard on this trend. Shop Now.

The Final Words

 The spring summer 16 collection is a meticulous curated line of designs which will amp up your summer style. Make your pick from these essential and we can bet this summer is going to be at its sartorial best.

Words by Mr Akshat Singh, The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON