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Jatin from the Style Doodler shows us how.

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Men’s fashion thrives on classic pieces and a biker jacket is definitely one of them. First, there’s a question of money. A leather jacket is a pretty expensive buy. But it’s certainly an investment: a fine quality leather jacket will last for decades. So considering the longevity of a good leather jacket, it’s definitely worth the splurge. Even though winters have started to fade, the biker jackets can still be worn as a transitional piece. From rebel goth to the modern rocker, we have seen all kinds of styles being tried with this classic. Another take on this essential is a Sartorial style which will completely redefine what it stands for. With Mr. Button’s craftmanship and swag, this piece of art takes a new turn in my style.

Whether you’re heading to a wedding or an end of year prom, it’s the season to smarten up and step out looking uncharacteristically refined.

But if you’re unsure of how to pile on the style without pulling on a stuffy suit, why not exchange the blazer for a handsomely cut leather biker? When worn with a shirt and pair of smart shoes, it acts as a surprisingly sharp accent to your outfit and – importantly – looks much more modern than a suit jacket.




Juxtapose against the biker’s edgy roots by pairing with smart-casual pieces. Forgo the blazer in favour of the leather and slip it over a slim Oxford shirt and knitted tie combination. Bring it up another sartorial notch by accessorizing with a neat tie bar.

This Mr. Button’s jacket exudes versatility and sex appeal which can be transformed to any style you would like to try it in. A Sartorial take on this jacket was a bold step. Keeping in mind the rugged feel of this jacket yet the soft material, I combined it with a printed shirt. If you don’t want to go all-out Marlon Brando, the simplest way to balance the leather jacket’s rebellious undertones is to contrast it against one of the interesting prints available for men- paisley. This indo-western fusion of a biker jacket and a paisley print will surely make this jacket a stand-out in the crowd. Pairing the whole blue on blue with a beige trouser just balances the whole look.




While combining the two contrasting pieces, make sure you keep the rest simple. Keeping the tones of printed shirt and jacket same, the use of a khaki trouser gives it a semi-formal look. The purpose of not adding a same old white shirt is to flaunt the print once you take off the jacket, after all the combination of blue and khaki works best when worn with a twist of print.

Not to forget, you will find a new appreciation for the leather jacket when the temperature drops. A perfect layering piece, it can be worn in spring, fall and mild winter. The layering possibilities are limited only by your creativity. It’s as functional as it gets.




The right shoes can make or break the look. Here keeping in mind the reds of the collar of the jacket, I balanced it with the burgundy derby shoes. It’s the right amount of color you would like to add with blue being the highlight. Make sure to keep the tones similar to your outfit, If you opt for a black or a brown biker jacket, then choose shoes from the same color family. it keeps the look intact and at the same time balances the colors. The point of using derby shoes in this look is to get the semi formal take on this jacket.


For an everyday outfit that is full of character and personality try some funky accessories to amp up the game. From sunglasses to the tie pin, adding these small elements will add that extra charm. A transparent blue sun-glass and a gold and titanium tie pin surely did justice to the whole look. There are simpler tie pins available in market as well which can look perfectly fine too. A classic brown watch is like a cherry on the cake. Make sure to keep the tones of shoes, watch and belt in the same hues.


MR BUTTON-jacket

The biker jacket is a true menswear classic that will help add an edge to any personal style. You may not be remotely punk or rock in your persona but, as shown above, this silhouette is extremely versatile and isn’t defined by its past associations. So, whether you’re a shirt and tie kind of guy or prefer a more casual approach to dressing, there is room in any wardrobe for a timeless biker. A little bit of experimentation never harms. If not a heavy print, try micro polka dots or ditsy prints to start with. To make the look more casual, wear denims and a white tee.

Mr. Button has a variety of biker or bomber jackets which you should surely check out here. Combine them with their well fitted tees and shirts and you will as sharp as it gets.




Jacket, Shirt and Trousers: Mr Button

Sunglasses and Tie pin: Koovs

Shoes: Van Huesen

Watch: Timerland

Tie: Tibetan market

Photography: Noah Dyvadheenam